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Full Version: HP DL145 Opteron G3/G4 MicroCode Updates
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Any word or more information you need? I just got the correct cpu. (The one they had sent me was NOT the HE version. Though it shouldnt make a difference upon bootup).
On the top of my requests list Big Grin Bear with me until i can make it to Friday and try to get it done.

Not to be a noid. Well ok actually to be a noid. The correct cpu is just sitting here. Use the machine for a game server could hopefully add more options if I can get this to work.
Gotta give this a bump. Help?
I'm coming! I have been quite busy these past few months, so I wasn't able to get this done right away. It's back on the list, please feel free to shoot me an email at thewiz AT bios-mods dot com if you have any new details to add.

Just bumping so doesn't get buried under new requests.
Hey there,

I'd appreciate it if you could make this link available again:

I had newer versions I posted here is what we have.

Two additional files that dealt with the ACPI after discovering

The last two were additions from your request about the ACPI. I think I got both but was it the AMI? That I couldn't uncompress or the Phoenix.

Edit: Ok the first was the Phoenix ACPI section compressed . The second was the original Phoenix AML. I could not figure how to get the AML from the AMI bios from the HP165 g5 since it was split into sections.
bump. Maybe that new method you have will work Wiz easier?
I hate bumping. But I just dont want this lost in the shuffle of more consumer grade/popular upgrades.
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