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Full Version: Abit NF-M2S AM2+ ready
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i have an Abit NF-M2S and my main goal is to make it able to support AM2+ quad core processors. currently the best seeming cpu it can support it athlon x2 6400+, but i hear they were binned high and dont overclock well. not to mention more expencive then the other processors i like. support for the quad core athlon II would be nice as well since id like to get out on the 90 nm familly. heres a copy of the latest bios from abit's site completly untouched. thanks for any effort in advance.
Please find us a similar motherboard (preferably with the same chipset and manufacturer) which supports Quad Core Athlon II's then we will try and port microcode over from that bios into yours

sorry i found this just before i left for work otherwise id have posted it already. i looked on Abit's site and couldnt find just what i needed, but from foxconn i found this bios for a mobo with the same chipset and support for quad core athlon II processors. good luck and thanks. if theres anything else i can do to help let me know.
Isn't this one of the MCP61-boards? I truely believe I'm using this BIOS in a modified version on a nettle2 with a Phenom II X4 (925)...
wow that was really fast. ill flash it tonight and see if its going to run at all and when im able ill test with the quad core. if it works fine ill put in the confirmed cpu upgrade section. just curious what other factors might limit this from working?
well the flash was a sucess and it did post but whan it started to boot windows it crashed. i can easilly flash it back but what else sould i do.
Have you reset CMOS? This should solve 80% of the problems. Look into the BIOS, especially the modes for your harddrive (AHCI-mode is one point to check) and set everythinjg as it was before flashing. This should solve another 15% of the problems. The last 5% can only be solved by reflashing the original BIOS, but this is normally not neccessary! Wink Good luck!
hey ill try that see im still a little new to these things ill let you know how it gos after i try again
And when you say "crashed" do you mean it froze or wouldnt boot or gave a Blue Screen Of Death or loaded the desktop then switched off?

More information on the "crash" and any error messages that it generated or a description of the symptoms will help us diagnose the problem and resolve the issue

I take it you can enter the bios and it correctly identifys the CPU then?

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