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Full Version: [Solved] Intel DG41AN micro code update for Xeon (LGA771)
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Is it possible to update the BIOS micro code of an Intel DG41AN mini-ITX mainboard ?

I like to use a low power consumption CPU like L5420 that CPU draws about 50 Watts and the mainboard specs says the board allows to max 65 Watts TDP.

The latest bios available is the version 0018 (file name: AN0018P.BIO)
Can be downloaded here:
Intel BIOS are unmodable without hardware programmer.
I have serval programmers, EasyPro 90B & miniPro TL866A both are flash/eeprom programmers.

Are there any instructions for this bios modifications to mod bios this way?
Make BIOS backup with hardware programmer.
Now I have another problem Confused
Don't know what happend but sudden the board does not boot anymore Huh

First the power LED did not lit up anymore, thought it was a loose cable.
Then when I boot it gave me error beeps that the memory was not good, this memory always has work with it.
Swap the G.Skill memory for Kingston and now it seems to boot again.

After serval times trying to boot from usb-stick the board became unresponsive.
Has the bios becomes bad or mabe another board problem I got to find out.

If the bios has gone corrupted I have to do a manual bios programing to recover.

The BIOS flash chip is a ATMEL 25DF161-SH SOIC8 and is supported on the TL866A programmer.

The AT25DF161 flash chip has gone bad, I even can't be read out.
Now I have to order some from China as they are end-of-life and not available in my country.

Here is the DG41AN bios dump/backup as attachment.
However it's only 2mb in size and if I compare with the Intel bios file it is 5.5mb in size how does that come?
(04-07-2017, 01:24 PM)Vaako Wrote: [ -> ]However it's only 2mb in size and if I compare with the Intel bios file it is 5.5mb in size how does that come?
It's normal for Intel BIOS.
Tell sSpec of your L5420.
The sSpec is: SLBBR
Try to flash back modded dump.
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