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Full Version: [REQUEST] Lenovo ThinkPad T450(s) (JBETxxWW) BIOS Unlock
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Hi guys,

Looking to get my BIOS hidden menus unlocked, it's a ThinkPad T450s, I've dumped the ROM with the CH341a hardware tool. 

Which brings me to an issue...the BIOS chip in my laptop is a W25Q128FVSQ, the closest chip profile available in the flash/dump program is the W25Q128BV, I am unsure if that brings an issue or not with the BIOS dump or BIOS flashing, it seemed to dump fine. Any thoughts?

Anyway, here is the BIOS:

Specifically looking for the menu that allows me to change the Pre-allocated DVMT values (I have a IdeaPad Y560P with an unlocked Phoenix BIOS that has this option - so I figured there's a good chance that it is available.) All menus unlocked would be awesome, though, if you can.

I'm definitely willing to donate, I'm not the richest man in the world, but I will give what I can.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks guys!
I will give a look quickly !
I am sorry mate your file is crapped It has to be 16384 KB and is only 128 KB
It has only Descriptor an not all ME Regions !
You have to read the Eeprom Chip again and make a good Dump !
Let me know
Hi mate,
Use this tool run It as Admin and upload here the result file :

Use AIDA64 tool too (cracked version to get FULL REPORT) and upload a Report too

let me know

P.S. I will get your Bios Backup to make the Modifies !
Your Bios Backup would seem like this (Extracted version 25) Bios Region Only and then
You will get Descriptor + ME Regions too into your Full Dump Firmware file !

Look :

That contains dumps from both tools, the report, and another dump I made with the linux CH341A tool. The size checks out now.

It seems as though the Windows tool was not using the proper size for the BIOS chip I have...the linux tool does, however.

Thanks again!
As a side note, the Universal BIOS Backup dump and the ch341a dump have the same size, but a different checksum. I've read that on the latest Lenovo laptops (I believe from some of your posts), that a proper BIOS dump cannot be obtained without a eeprom dumping tool, such as the ch341a I have.
I got an error on this file during decompressing so please upload It again CH341A Tool Dump !
I checked the files and We got the Bios Region Backup so now We need the Firmware Dump
to Patch It Wink

Try that one, that should be okay. Thanks!
Ok mate,
Here You go :

let me know

Donate to me for my work and time . . . look into my Signature Wink
Dude you rock!! Works flawlessly! Thank you! Sent you a donation, wish I could send more!
Many Thanks my friend for all You gave to me !!!
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