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Could anyone patch the bios for the ASUS PQL5 Pro motherboard so it ignores the intrusion detect jumpers on the motherboard? Theres no option in the BIOS to disable this feature?

thats the link to the file, i know its not direct but thats the best I can get its a socket 775 board and its a P5QL Pro

Hi Mate

sadly theres nothing in the bios about this that has been hidden either im afraid.

If thers jumpers on the motherboard , removing them should ignore the intrusion detection???????

Kind Regards
www find
Thanks for your response,

I beleive the jumpers need to be on the 2 pins to ignore the intrusion detection, If you wish to use the feature you remove the jumpers and hook up the switch
Sorry i couldnt help

Did putting jumper on 2 pins work?
www find
No the jumpers didnt help at all. I had already tried 5+ new jumpers on these pins. I am returning the board now as I have a feeling it may be a dodgy board. The board was purchased brand new less than a week ago so I am within my rights to return it
ok thats a good idea Smile
www find

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