BIOS Settings Glossary

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  • Tobias:

    Phoenix Bios Unlock Request Packard Bell LX86

    I got Bios V.1.15 and a problem – I tried to add a SSD to my Notebook but it isn’t working.

    SSD alone is working – HDD alone is working as well.

    SSD & HDD together isn’t working not even booting up…..maybe a BIOS Setting problem?

    Can you help me? Maybe with a “modded” Bios?

    • SASses:

      In the bios settings look for Fastboot. If fastboot is on turn it off
      (or in dell laptops)

      set Fastboot to thorough

      If the ssd still does not work try taking out the drive then pushing it back in & be sure the connection is not slightly loose if it is push it in.

  • mak8055:

    hi guys i’m using a “esc g41t-m7″motherboard which does not support overclocking in its bios so please upload a modded bios for for it so that i can overclock my pc

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