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    • Richard Riel:

      I need the GA-8I945PM-RH BIOS. No one on this planet seems to have it. Can you help? thank you, rich

    • Salman Ali:

      I have Dell Inspiron 5520 laptop with switchable graphics cards AMD Radeon HD 7670m & Intel HD 4000. I want to disable switchable graphics but my Insyde H2O BIOS doesn’t have the required option. In fact this BIOS is almost empty with very less options.
      What can I do in this regard?? Can I upgrade my BIOS to get more options.
      Your help is urgently required please.

      Thanks in anticipation.

    • Anon:

      !BIG DEAL!


      I am an enthusiast and fellow mod user/author. I came across following document:

      BIOS Update for PC Client Devices Protection Profile by NIAP. It is upcoming Common Criteria standard that will get adopted by NIST.

      In its current form, this proposal/draft will lock bios updates to signed-only to enable secure remote bios patching. Unfortunately it does not adequately provide for local updates that would bypass such crypto/signed process. If adopted by industry, it will make impossible to mod.

      Document is currently in a draft/proposal stage. They are currently in comments period.( There has to be a community effort to explain these bureaucrats why mods are important and why we still should be allowed to load unsigned BIOS, but without hate mail so there is a chance they would listen.

      Please keep me anon and out of it.


    • Bryan:

      I like to learn how to mod bios’s and give me a start in coding as well as give back to the community.

    • delloki:

      I would like to congratulate the entire team at Bios Mods by tireless work on behalf of a noble cause, “break the monopoly of large hardware companies and give more power to the master configuration of your equipment.” I am a novice user in the topics addressed in the forum. I request the removal of my registration “Delloki” because I thought it would need to unlock the advanced options menu and InsydeH20 my HP Pavilion dv5 but I discovered that the the AHCI mode is already enabled at the factory. As a user of HP never said forum. Thank you for the commitment you. Sorry for my English, I used google translator.

    • Rod:

      Since I am not able to register for the foum, I will post here. I have an HP Pavilion G7-1260us. After encountering the bios whitelist, I downloaded the sp55451 ans sp 54660 bios from the repository. Neither was able to flash. The sp55451 appeared to install, but on restart, the capslock and numlock lights flashed about 10 times and then the computer went into bios restore mode. The sp54660 bios just went to bios flash failed.
      I wanted to pass this info along to you,but since I have been unable to register for the forum, this is the only way I could find to communicate with you.
      Thanks, Rod

    • JasonD:

      Looking forward to learning more about BIOS mods and structure, especially the new UEFI.
      Seems to be the future as most of my repairs lately have been BIOS related.
      Bring it on Guys 😀

    • Cecil Skinner:

      would love to learn how to mod bioses, as noone seems to have any interest in modding the acer x3300

    • Karen Ozdemir:

      I have a problem.. Please look at the attachment. Is this a bios problem?
      K52v motherboard is 98C. I don’t understand.

      Important : My laptop Asus K52JC. Motherboard did crashed. And I buyed K52JV motherboard and K52JV heatsink.

      My notebook is not hot. Its very cold. Just show 98C temperature. I did update bios. And clear Cmos.

      How can i do repaired/edit temperature or bios file?

      Thank you.

    • Josh:

      so im new to the whole computer thing, nut ive leaned that im pretty handy. well ive encountered a problem and have been told i need to update my bios and it should be fixed. now here is my problem, i found this site and tried to register so i can post my questions in the fourm… i get a message that says my ip or email belongs to a known spammer and this is the first time ive been to this site