About Us

BIOS-Mods.com has a history on the internet dating back to the year 2000, providing BIOS modifications and motherboard support for its users and guests at no charge. As the site grew larger and changed ownership, BIOS-Mods relaunched in 2009 with new forum software and a new moderation team.

Today BIOS-Mods is the largest internet resource for modifying your motherboard’s BIOS for a variety of new features and uses. From maximizing your computer’s potential to resolving manufacturer and OEM limitations, it is clear that BIOS-Mods has earned this reputation because of it’s active community and dedicated moderation team. We actively recruit new moderators and “modders” who have little to no experience, to those who are masters of their work.

While we provide all modifications and resources at no cost and for free, we also work with small OEM manufacturers and resellers looking to tweak their BIOSes for their particular product line. Interested parties should use the contact forum for further inquiries.

Thanks for visiting BIOS-Mods, the best BIOS update and modification resource.