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Acer Travelmate token?
Aspire 3690/5610/5610Z/5630/5650/5680
TravelMate 2490/4200/4230/4260/4280
Extensa 5510/5510Z
(Board Model HBL50/HBL51)

Did anyone know what token is for AHCI? and for VT?

For VT is a modeed BIOS but with video problems,for my Intel video.

in the time I replaced OROM of Intel vbios from original one to modded one and now video is OK.
After test I see VT token is 312
If you post a link to an unmodded version of your bios and tell us which Intel OROM you upgraded to (Or even better , provide us with it!) , we will unlock VT and AHCI although i dont see your problem because hte mod on the other site already has it??

www find
That is modded BIOS with VT enabled

From what I know is obtained from this original BIOS.

Since with modded one I get graphic problems I have replaced OPROM3.ROM with PBE. (from original to modded one)
After that video is OK and VT menu also in BIOS and working.
Modded BIOS doesn't have anything with AHCI,on notebookreviewforum one user said he know token for AHCI but never mentioned which one.
Here it is

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