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Advanced Chipset Control Hidden on AMI
Well folks, I bought a notebook that comes with Optimus technology, has a Intel 630 and an Nvidia 1050ti video card, so the internal display of the notebook goes straight through the intel, I did a test, I picked up a game and I threw it right in the note, it was at 30fps, when I switched to hdmi, the information on the card went straight without going to the intel, and it went to 55 fps, I realized immediately that it would be a bottleneck of the intel, I went to bios and not the option to leave the Hybrid optimus and just leave the Discrete Card that would be my nvidia, someone could do me the favor of unlocking or helping me, I am very layman in that, I know flash, I have the back of the bios, but I do not know to touch anything, it is an Avell g1513 MX5 I already thank you, who can help me thank you very much, follow the bios and the attachments of the images, thank you very much.

Remembering the image of the bios, it is from avell with a 1060 and it has that option in the bios.

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