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Asus P5QL PRO -Atheros (AR8121_AR8113_AR8114) LAN
After a BIOS failure (from flashing) an external re-flashing was needed. The BIOS provided by Asus was used, everything is ok except the LAN. I can't find any firmware or BIOS file for it.
Can someone help me to get it working again?
Problem solved. I got a BIOS file, extracted from an original BIOS chip with an external flash programmer, with this BIOS the LAN is working. The attached file can be used with external programmer, or flashrom ( -tested under GNU/Linux, it makes a full flashing, like an external programmer) after the flashing, it can be upgraded by using the motherboards internal programmer and the LAN keep's working.

Attached Files
.zip   Asus P5QL PRO original flash (Size: 586.01 KB / Downloads: 11)
(07-20-2014, 08:30 AM)spikevalue99 Wrote: Problema risolto. Ho un file BIOS, estratto da un chip BIOS originale con un programmatore flash esterno, con questo BIOS la LAN sta funzionando. Il file allegato può essere utilizzato con un programmatore esterno o flashrom ( testato sotto GNU / Linux, fa un pieno lampeggio, come un programmatore esterno) dopo il lampeggio, può essere aggiornato utilizzando il programmatore interno della scheda madre e la LAN continuano a funzionare.

grazie grazie thaaaaaaaaaaanks

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