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BIOS inaccessible on IBM

I purchased a refurbished x240 (12.5, dual core, 4gb of memory) with preinstalled win10.
I wanted to access the BIOS/boot menu and here is where the problem is.

During the startup what I see is a black screen with white text "Press Enter to interrupt startup".
If I press one of the following: F2/F8/F10/F12 (any F)/ Enter/Delete the screen will freeze and
no matter how long I would wait for anything to happen - nothing will change. I have to turn it off.
BIOS/boot menu is inaccessible for me then which is very annoying - I want to boot other OS but I simply can not.

What I did so far was:
1. installing BIOS Update Utility (Windows)- it clearly did some
installation of BIOS during startup, but it didnt solve the problem.

People seemed to have similar issue but thats the only thing ever suggested - didnt work for me.
Id be grateful for some help.
Best Regards

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