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CPU upgrade for Asus A6F from T2600 to T7200
CPU upgrade for Asus A6F from T2600 (x86) to T7200 (x64)

-bios link: 
Page here (direct download here) AMI BIOS

-whats happens: 
ASUS A6F (12yo laptop) currently running 32bit Intel Core Duo T2600. I want to upgrade to 64bit Intel Core 2 Duo T7200. Don't know if BIOS supports it (the chipset ICH7 does as datasheet confirms). 
Both are: SocketM/mPGA478MT, bus 667 MHz, 0.065 micron,  

-screenshot from aida32 > motherboard > cpuid:

[Image: KxVqqDj.jpg]

-screenshot from cpu-z (current CPU):

[Image: KDPH43F.png]

-screenshot from cpu-z (Mainboard):

[Image: aAlHFHj.png]

-CPU spec code:
Current: T2600 (Yonah) TBW 31 Watt
Upgrade: T7200 (Merom) TBW 34 Watt

Is it possible?

PS. I don't have new CPU yet, I need to order it. And there are mixed messages according to this solution. Some says it works, some says it's not working (same BIOS).

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You need to update BIOS to version A6FAS.222 for T7200.
Thanx! BIOS updated smoothly. A lot of new options comparing to previous one. CPU on the way.

//edit: CPU arrived, installed it and working fine. Thx for help. Case closed. Smile

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