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DELL Optiplex XE SSF. Bios for XEON X3323

Attached bios with microcodes for XEON X3323.

Work perfect on DELL Optiplex XE SSF.

Xeon X3323
SLBC5 2,5GHZ/6M/1333

1. No bios message "Unsupported CPU" anymore.
2. Fan silent.
3. Win10 works normal, detects CPU with all cores.

Many thanks to DeathBringer for incredible help!


Attached Files
.zip (Size: 1,017.34 KB / Downloads: 10)
I want to confirm, this BIOS mod works without any problem with Intel Xeon X3363 on Dell Optiplex XE
Thanks you ! ! !
I'm starting an Optiplex XE project to see if this can be overclocked. It's the only 4 phase VRM Optiplex MB I've ever seen.
I would like to know what CPUs this modded BIOS supports. or what CPUs the BIOS could be modded to support.
QX9650 support would be perfect for my purposes. I don't need an unlocked BIOS to get Voltage and multiplier control. I can do that in Windows.
Next best would be X5470 Xeon both of which the G45 chipset should be able to support.
Q9650 16GB RAM is confirmed at
I came across a report of using a PCIe/ SATA card to eliminate SetFSB SATA bus freezes. I haven't tried it yet, but it worked on a 2 CPU Dell T7400 overclock.
These things were designed to operate in 55*C. AMBIENT temperatures.
For any BIOS that added X3233 (10676) support then it also by default should support QX9650 10676 SLAN3
QX9650 - 10677 SLAWN may need added/updated
X5470 - 1067A SLBBF - Same as above

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