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Dell Inspiron 530 / 530s v1.0.2 Experimental Unlocking & Upgrading Project
I would like to contribute to the project! I have an Inspiron 530! Let's unlock this baby! I want to be able to overclock.

Motherboard Make/Model - Inspiron 530 Here is some info form CUPID:
General Information :
Manufacturer : Dell Inc. (Dell)
Product : 0FM586
Version : A00
Serial Number : ..CN7360493500GE.
Support MP : Yes, 2 CPU(s)
Version MPS : 1.4

Bios Version You Want Modding - 1.0.18
Link To Official Bios Download -

Hi diplomatson,

Did you try the firs BIOS-Mod on the first page of this thread? It has all the overclocking options (in theory, haven't had any testers yet)

www find
I just wanted to make sure that my motherboard would be the same for the BIOS on the first pag. I believe that the inpsiron 530 was shipped with several different motherboards?
Ahhh that might be part of the problem! Can you post a CPU-Z report?

www find
Hello Everyone! I just joined the forum and I am about to Test this "BIOS" for everyone so that the investigation to unlock further or fix can go on Smile
I seem unable to flash it NOT ICH7....?
I'm currently running your wonderful BIOS on my Q6600-based 530 in RAID 0!!! as I type.

The only issue of any importance is the lack of a bootable CD in raid mode. Users of this BIOS should make provisions for installation/recovery options from bootable USB. I suspect you might be able to install/recover from CD by setting to ACHI mode. I didn't test any further than setting ACHI and booting from a Windows 7 cd. The CD is properly enumerated once the RAID driver is up and running.

Your BIOS provides a fully functioning 8.7 RAID driver that has all available options for 0, 1 5 and 10 RAID levels. The stock Dell BIOS only allows RAID 1. I have confirmed 0 works with an esata drive I have connected. I imaged my system with BESR and restored to a stripe set. System is working fine. Expected R/W rates have doubled as expected.

If you want to try RAID modes besides 1, this is the BIOS for you.

If you are planning to run an SSD, this has the 8.7 option rom you will need this BIOS for reliable operation.

Your BIOS has several options unlocked that the stock BIOS does not provide. The power options screen allows you to change the HPET resolution from 32-bit to 64-bit. I changed this to 64. No problems noted.

The advanced options screen allows some other settings of lesser importance. You can disable the full-screen dell logo at boot, but this causes a halt with message "no timer tick interrupt." This might be particular to my machine, or a message that was always there. The dell logo boot screen does not halt on this error. In any case, my machine runs fine and passes the Dell diagnostics with no errors.

I have booted, partitioned, restored, and placed my machine in both hybrid sleep and hibernate. And run all my apps including vmware on 64-bit mode. Your BIOS runs as expected and compares to the stock BIOS with your invaluable additions. I have also flashed to the stock BIOS and back to yours. I would advise anyone to give your BIOS a try.

As far as I am concerned your BIOS is no longer experimental.

Thank you dansolo! You are no scruffy looking nerf herder.
Hello i want to flash the 530 with this bios I have the awdflas and bios on my usb and booted to it what do I type into dos ( the command ) to get it to flash It looks like it worked for the previous post
I get this screen that says input file name
Yikes. I think I bricked my motherboard testing this, I must've done something wrong.
After having my computer restart from the bios flash screen, it died.
It runs, fans lights and all, but nothing shows up for my display. It feels as if nothing is connected, my keyboard and mouse aren't lighting up either.

Any help guys? I tried switching the jumper cables and leaving my motherboard battery out for a bit, didn't help. =/
Hello, I'm a new member and I wanted to use this BIOS. I have a Dell Inspiron 530 with BIOS 1.18. Currently I'm running IDE and would like to use RAID or AHCI (not sure which or if they are the same, but I know those are faster then IDE) and I have two 320 GIG HDD's. I have Windows 7 32bit, everything right now on my computer is completely stable and I don't want to reformat/re-install windows (if it's at all possible). I've updated my BIOS in the past using driver, but other then that I'm not sure on the necessary precautions and proper steps to take to update with this BIOS that you guys created. I'm willing to provide any necessary information to help anyone that wants to help me out with this. I'm not sure which BIOS to use, the one on the first page or the one on page 3. Reading scotay's response on how it worked for him has definately got me excited!
Undecided I tried this on my Inspiron 530. Don't. It will brick your BIOS chip. I only did this because I'm buying a new motherboard anyway. The one on the first page is the one I tested. When you start up the computer after putting the new BIOS on, the CPU fans run like crazy. Forever. Don't give yourself that sinking feeling in your stomach. It doesn't work, and it isn't worth it. BTW, I used awdflash.

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