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ECS 945GCT-M2(V1.0)
oh dear , now thats why , written on this site possibly hundreds of times is


If you are lucky enough for the system to have a floppy drive , or have a spare one lyinfg around that you can install , please do so .

AMI has an embedded recovery technique in the 'boot block' of the BIOS. In the event that the BIOS becomes corrupt the boot block can be used to restore the BIOS to a working state. The routine is called when the 'system block' of the BIOS is empty or corrupt. The restore routine when called will access the floppy drive (1.44Mb floppy disk drive) looking for a file named AMIBOOT.ROM.

This is the reason the floppy drive light comes on and the drive appears to be in use. If the file (AMIBOOT.ROM) is found it is loaded into the 'system block' of the BIOS to replace the corrupted information.

To restore your BIOS copy the most recent version of your motherboards BIOS file to a floppy diskette and rename it AMIBOOT.ROM. The diskette does not need to be bootable or contain a flash utility. It will access the floppy from 2-5 minutes the system will beep four times. Remove the floppy diskette from the drive and reboot the computer. if when you turn on the system it does not try to access the floppy, press and hold the 'CTRL' and 'HOME' keys at the same time. This will force the system (assuming the 'boot block' isn't corrupted) to access the flopy and look for the AMIBOOT.ROM file.

Note: 12345678.BIN represents the name of your BIOS.

Step by Step:

1. Rename the desired AMI BIOS file to AMIBOOT.ROM and save it on a blank floppy disk. e.g. Rename 12345678.ROM to AMIBOOT.ROM

2. Insert this floppy disk in the floppy drive. Turn On the system

3. If no floppy access occurs press and hold Ctrl-Home to force update. Follow insructions on the screen and it will read the AMIBOOT.ROM file and recover the BIOS from the A drive.

4. When 4 beeps are heard you may remove the floppy disk.

5. Restart the computer.

If you dont have a floppy disk , then il look round for a bootable cd etc
Hello Big Grin

Thanks thousand times

The recovery worked fine for me

Your Welcome Big Grin
Oh wow, this is what I'm looking for, I still have my 945gct-m2/1333 as a spare part. BTW, Just been wondering about what you have unlocked in this bios so far???
I can help you with this, but I'll need you to repost the bios link so I can answer your questions.

www find
Hey, thanks, here is the link. I just want to unlock the FSB Frequency Setting for other CPU, since this setting can only be unlocked if CPU's "native" FSB is 1333(e.g e8xxx, e6x50)

BIOS Name BIOS for 945GCT-M2/1333 (PCB:1.x)
Version 08/07/18
Release Date 2008/08/26
Update Description Release Reason:
1.Support new CPU
(Wolfdale) IntelR Core2 Duo E8600 E-0
(Wolfdale) IntelR Core2 Duo E5200 M-0
2.TM1/TM2 support option
Special Note
File Size 718KB

BTW, I've tried the bios above from Admin, but looks like that it won't work for 945gct-m2/1333, get freeze after RAM was counted. So I've restored it to it previous state.
Well I don't know if this has something to do with the bios setting the correct fsb of 1333, but there are a ton of hidden DRAM Frequency and CPu Frequency options. So, if you think these options may help I will unlock it for you, and the worst that can happen is that it fails and you use the AMI bootblock to restore things.

Hope this Helps,

www find
Well, I'm not too sure about this, How about leaving the Dram frequency setting since I can set it in CMOS, just unlock the CPU Frequency setting, if there's any vol setting or unlink FSBBig GrinRAM setting, pls unlock it too. BTW, if you don't mind, can you show me how to edit those bios??? Tongue
Well this bios is pretty simple, simly download AMIBCP and the settings highlighted in green are the hidden ones. They're literally three settings mapped for dram frequency, so Im wondering if each one is related to a specific speed? So do you want me to mod it?

www find
About the DRAM Frequency, highlighted in green and the one below are the same, and I can see it and edit it in CMOS, Just can't see the CPU Frequency (0215) in the bottom in my CMOS and I really want to edit this.

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