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Fujitsu Esprimo D556 bios unlocking
Google drive link I have a Fujitsu esprimo D556 h110 that I am trying to unlock the admin menu. 
I have opened the bios file up in AMIBCP And can see al the options there but cannot see how to unlock them. 

I have disabled CFg lock in amibcp and saved the file. 
I need this disabled for a hackintosh install. 

I’m unable to flash the file due to Afudos error 18 secure verification failure. 

So I need help unlocking the hidden menu. 

Can this be done via efi shell / efivars?
If not I have a programmer I can use to remove the chip and dump the rom and program a modified bios. 

Bios files are here on my google drive.
If you have an programmer ,attach the dump bios through programmer is better.

If you only wanna set RTC Lock up to disable ,you could try  grub shell to changes it.
Visit this thread and see #2 follow DeathBringer 's guide ,but you need to type setup_var 0x478 0x0 on your case.

Below is its information.
Setting: RTC Lock, Variable: 0x478
Default: 8 Bit, Value: 0x1
Option: Disabled, Value: 0x0
Option: Enabled, Value: 0x1 (default MFG)

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RTC ? Real time clock I don’t need to adjust, I need to unlock msr registers for power management as I’m. Trying to install OS X Catalina and it crashes on boot as the power management registers are locked. Hence why I’m wanting to unhide the admin menu and flash a modified bios image. . There’s loads of admin including msr and cfg lock options. . Options I don’t know how to unlock. If you open the bios file d3430-a14.rom included in the links , in amibcp , you’ll see what I mean. I’d like to unhide that menu.

I have a tl886 and I’m going to remove the chip and do a. Few dumps.

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