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General Question About BIOS modding
(01-09-2014, 03:41 PM)Ludonja Wrote: I will check your blog for sure. Wink You suggesting me to try with USB and win+B keys?
Till now nobody succeed to do that.

That's just my signature in my posts. I usually turn it off, but I forgot too lol.

You should try the win+b method
I tried that method on several other models but without success.
Usually works if unsold bios chip and reprogram it with workable bios file.
Easy. Smile
But now bios files from official site is unusable.
Thanks all for the comments.... the MAC address thing is interesting. I thought that came from the actual NIC card and not the BIOS but with these 'intergraded motherboards' who knows.

I actually was attempting to follow along with donovan600's blog post but ran into a snag. I eventually did figure out that I had to use WinRAR to get to the rom file and such.

The problem is that the UID specified in the tool does not exists in the actual folder structure.. but that is beside the point. I think I may just look for someone to mod my bios and be done with it.

Thanks everyone.

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