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Help with applying me_cleaner to Insyde BIOS
Notebook: HP Pavilion 15-p250nq (i3-5010U CPU)
BIOS: Insyde F.57 Rev.A (sp92961) link
       I wish to neutralize the Intel Management Engine component using me_cleaner. My options seem to be external flashing using the proper tools or internal flashing using the software flashing tools provided by the hardware vendor for regular bios updates. 
       In my case I choose the second option as I don't possess external tools and the InsydeFlash tool provided by HP provides a USB drive recovery option in case something goes wrong.
       Unfortunately, I have some troubles following the necessary steps. me_cleaner expects the bios image to be a single .bin or .rom file, however after using the InsydeFlash executable (that is also called  "HP System BIOS Update Utility") and selecting the "Copy BIOS image to any file location (Advanced users)" option I am provided with not one, but multiple files as shown in this image which makes the process confusing. (I also tried using the "Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0" in hopes of obtaining a single bios file, but encountered a "Can not identify the BIOS" error.)
       Also, even if I figure out which one of those files I need to apply me_cleaner to, I still need to somehow use the InsydeFlash utility to flash the modified bios. That is confusing as well judging by the structural differences of the files from the Insyde folder and the presence of certain .ini files as shown in this image.
       Then there is also the process of applying the me_cleaner script itself, as instructions are provided only for terminal use in a GNU/Linux OS but they seem simple enough so I don't expect to have troubles with that.

       I would be very grateful if a more knowledgeable person than me could help clarify this process. Thanks for reading.

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