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InsydeH2O Model and Serial Number say "Reserved"
Hi Guys

I've got a Sony Vaio laptop here. The model number is VPCEH18FG. I've replace the motherboard on this laptop a while back after it had water split on it and killed the original motherboard. However, I can't seem to install any Sony Software for it so I can use some of the function (i.e. Using the keyboard shortcuts to brightness or dim the display). I have done some research on this and the drivers won't install because it can't identify that it is a VAIO laptop (which I think it silly).

I boot into the BIOS and the Model and Serial Number say "RESERVED" and I can't seem to change this. I don't want to update the BIOS just yet, since it wont make any changes to the serial numbers and I want to resolve this issue first.

So to anyone can someone mode my BIOS with the following credentials.

Model: VPCEH18FG
27544672 7001936
BIOS Version:

Quote:I don't want to update the BIOS just yet
And where BIOS reads the values of its serial number and model, or they are not stored in the image of BIOS ?
I open article The function or hot keys are not working after upgrading the operating system., it's say Go to Drivers and Software . When enter your model number - not getting software or bios, because no this model. I found VPCEH18GM with Insyde bios R0200Z9, but it's not VPCEH18FG. Ask A Question in community.
I really need to stop working on multiple systems at ones late at night. The BIOS is a InsydeH2O not phoenix as I previously mentioned (Yes I feel dumb, But I digress).

I have tried your suggestion. However, when I tried to install any Sony VAIO related software, I have been unsuccessful. This is due to the software need to read the system information from the BIOS, otherwise I keep getting an error stating "This update is not intended to use with your computer model". Hence why I need to ask for assistance for my BIOS to be modified with the serial and model number

Here the attachment to show you what is currently being displayed in my BIOS.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Read about Insyde H2OUVE (UEFI Variable Editor), and edit variable "WBMN", "WBSN" or other names.
I have now installed the H2OUVE BIOS Tool and after some trial and error I have outputed a log of my BIOS configuration.

However, I cant see anywhere within' the log file about any variable listed called "WBMN", "WBSN"

I have attached my log file below for your reference.

Attached Files
.txt   vaio-vars.txt (Size: 30.76 KB / Downloads: 6)
I didn't find these variables in your log file, so there's nothing to edit.
But found in Utility updates the BIOS to version R0200Z9, ISBSYS-00268721-1042.EXE for model VPCEH18GM.
It's unpack in c:\Temp\GLF32C\EP0000268721.exe , then c:\ProgramData\Sony Corporation\Sony Packaging Manager\PackagingTemp\{DFE9EC3C-A441-4127-AA85-CD2235175D79}\R0200Z9.ROM
in platform.ini for InsydeFlashx64.exe
But I don't know what needs to be changed.
Give a link to the driver(for hotkey) or download page that you want to install.

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