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[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios

I want to share the modded Bios I created for the Acer Aspire E5-572G notebook.
The official bios 1.09 was used as a base.
I'm offering three flavours: Microcode 01, Microcode 07 and Microcode 21.
Microcode 21 is the latest available microcode, this is the Bios you want to use unless you want the special properties of the other microcodes.
Microcode 07 is the latest microcode that allows using the full turbo clock speed on all cores (using single core turbo with all cores).
Microcode 01 is the one you should take if you want to try this. I wasn't able to get it to work on mine (i5 4210m, HM86), but your mileage may vary.
In case you want to always use an older microcode, I'm offering a script for windows that'll keep the OS from using a newer microcode (compatible with Windows Vista to Windows 10). Frequency and other things can be set up with ThrottleStop (use the latest version).
I've also included an overclocking enabled ME firmware that should (hopefully) allow overclocking on the HM87 equipped notebooks.
There are two flavours of this notebook available: Ones that use the HM87 chipset and others that use the HM86 chipset. Overclocking is only possible with HM87 as HM86 isn't capable of overclocking (tested it myself).
Additionally I offer a collection of Bios, EC, ME and FD files of this device, in case anyone wants to experiment with these for a bit (EC Modding, etc.).
I will update this bios in case there are newer parts available

Any feedback is welcome!

-Advanced Bios Options unlocked (Advanced, Power tabs and additional options in the existing tabs)
-Nvidia 840M/940M VBioses replaced with adapted 940MX VBios with unlocked TDP Limit, unlocked Boost Table and some OC (1306,5MHz GPU/1070MHz Memory - with general usability in mind) + all voltage sliders unlocked
-Intel Management Engine: Updated to + All Locks Unlocked + Overclocking Enabled For HM87 Notebooks + PAVP (Protected Audio/Video Path) Enabled
-Flash Descriptor unlocked
-Microcode updated to version 21 (respectively downgraded to 07 and 01)
-Intel GOP Driver updated to 5.5.1033
-Intel VGA Bios updated to 1042
-Intel RST OROMs updated to
-Realtek Lan OROMs updated to 2.037/2.64
-Applied a few useful BIOS patches by CodeRush (Unlock CPU Power Management Register (useful for Hackintosh Users)/Disable BIOS Lock/Disable SMI Lock)

Flash procedure:
1. Copy the BIOS file to an empty and with FAT16/32 formatted usb stick.
2. Unplug the AC adapter.
3. Remove the battery of the notebook - you can unlock the battery on the backside.
4. Plug in the USB flash disk.
5. Press and hold <Fn> and <Esc>, and then plug in the AC adapter while still holding <Fn> and <Esc>.
6. Press the Power button. You can now stop holding <Fn> and <Esc>.
7. The BIOS flash should now begin, the fans will spin up at max speed and the power led should blink. It should take between one to two minutes.
8. After everything is done, you can reinsert the battery and go to the BIOS (F2). There you may want to change some settings (the BIOS flash erases all previously chosen settings).

Recommended Bios settings:

F12 Boot Menu ---> Enabled
D2D Recovery ---> Disabled

Boot Configuration: Numlock ---> On
Thermal Configuration: Cpu Thermal Configuration: Bi-Directional PROCHOT# ---> Disabled
Chipset Configuration: RTC Lock ---> Disabled
Chipset Configuration: IFR Update ---> Disabled
Chipset Configuration: BIOS Lock ---> Disabled
ACPI Table/Features Control: TCO WatchDog Support ---> Enabled
ACPI Table/Features Control: WatchDog ACPI Table ---> Enabled
ACPI Table/Features Control: ACPI Memory Debug ---> Disabled
ACPI Table/Features Control: PEP Graphics ---> Disabled
Extended ICC: Use WatchDog Timer For ICC ---> Enabled
Extended ICC: ICC Locks after EOP ---> All Unlocked

User Access Level ---> Full

Wake on LAN ---> Disabled
Advanced CPU Control: xAPIC Mode ---> Enabled
Advanced CPU Control: Package C-State Demotion ---> Enabled
Advanced CPU Control: Package C-State Un-Demotion ---> Enabled
Advanced CPU Control: ACPI 5.0 CPPC Support ---> Enabled
Advanced CPU Control: ACPI 5.0 CPPC Platform SCI ---> Enabled
Advanced CPU Control: Package Power Limit MSR Lock ---> Disabled
Advanced CPU Control: Long Term Power Limit Override ---> Enabled
Advanced CPU Control: Long Term Time Window ---> 128

Module names (for replacement/update):
GOP Driver: 7755CA7B-CA8F-43C5-889B-E1F59A93D575_256.ROM
Intel RST: 382F560D-17A9-4887-BD9C-EB439C1CC482_1654.ROM and 501737AB-9D1A-4856-86D3-7F1287FA5A55_1781.ROM
Intel VGA Bios: 8DFAE5D4-B50E-4C10-96E6-F2C266CACBB6_1743.ROM
Nvidia 840M VBios: D336DBCB-33C1-4D15-A06F-C3FF405C6A68_1749.ROM
Nvidia 940M VBios: C09F4207-D557-47D0-A4B5-1E4B6459E519_1761.ROM
Realtek LAN: 0A33D14A-7B60-4C58-9194-DED0812F9B2B_1767.ROM and E8991F69-D813-4116-A2C2-61E304ECBD72_1533.ROM
Intel Microcode (integrated in file): PADDING_2702.ROM
Management Engine: Integrated in BIOS image, HEX Editor needed for replacement

Credits:  -BDMaster for providing the way to unlock the bios
             -Donovan6000 for his very helpful guides and insights on Insyde bios modding
             -Andy P whose PhoenixTool I used to replace the modules
             -Plutomaniac for providing the used Intel ME firmware and the Intel ME System Tools to properly configure it for this notebook
             -Ultrax5 from TechInferno for providing his OC enabled ME firmware for 8-series systems which I used as a reference to unlock the feature for this notebook
             -SoniX for his Intel VGA Bios update guide and the OROM, Microcode and Intel VGA Bios database he maintains
             -Pacman for sharing the latest Intel RST OROMs
             -CodeRush for providing the included BIOS patches
             -WerePug from for providing the way to unlock the Nvidia VBIOS voltage sliders for editing in Maxwell II BIOS Tweaker
             -The author of the Maxwell II BIOS Tweaker which I used for editing the Nvidia VBioses
             -All the other people who shared the used OROMs/Microcodes/Firmwares/Useful Information etc.

                 -13.09.16: 1.09a - Initial release
                 -03.10.16: 1.09b:
                                            -Unlocked a few more options that I missed before - everything that can be unlocked should be available now
                                            -Overclocking enabled ME is now included by default (no disadvantages for HM86 notebooks)
                                            -Applied a few useful BIOS patches by CodeRush (Unlock CPU Power Management Register (useful for Hackintosh Users)/Disable BIOS Lock/Disable SMI Lock)
                 -22.10.16: 1.09c:
                                            -Changed Nvidia GPU idle voltage from 0,94V to a more correct value of 0,76V - thanks to Maison1 from for bringing this matter to my attention
                                            -Unlocked all sliders in the Nvidia VBIOSes for editing with Maxwell II BIOS Tweaker - thanks to WerePug from for posting the way to do this

Acer Aspire E5-572G - BIOS 1.09c - Microcode 01
Acer Aspire E5-572G - BIOS 1.09c - Microcode 07
Acer Aspire E5-572G - BIOS 1.09c - Microcode 21

DeleteMicrocode Script for Windows
Acer Aspire E5-572G BIOS-ME-EC-FD Collection

I would like to use this mainly to control the fan. Because, the CPU temp usually stays above comfortable levels, and under very high loads it can get pretty close to the TDP. The fan only seems to start at all under high load, and even then it stays at a low speed. And I KNOW it can do much better, as seen during BIOS updates.

As someone who has never used a custom BIOS before, I have a few questions:
1) How risky would installing this be? Is is any more risky than an official update? Has this BIOS been tested?
2) If something goes wrong, what are my options for recovery? Do I need any specialized devices, or to solder/unsolder stuff?
3) And finally, if I want to revert to the official BIOS, could I do that? Like, for example, installing the official 1.09 on top of this?

Sadly the fan can't be controlled even with the modded BIOS as it is controlled by the EC-controller that has a firmware of its own.
I haven't really looked into it, but maybe you can find a software that is capable of controlling it.
One thing you could also do is to try out the older BIOS versions to see if they handle the fan differently (the BIOS has the EC firmware embedded).
At least BIOS 1.02, 1.03 and 1.06 have a different EC firmware, but I don't know what exactly the differences are.
You can just rename them to "Z5WAWX64.FD" and flash them with the flash procedure above.
Should one of the older EC firmwares work better for you, I could integrate it into the 1.09 BIOS for you.
On a different note, undervolting reduces the temperatures quite noticeably too. I did so myself using ThrottleStop and got a nice decrease of temperatures (I undervolted CPU Core, CPU Cache and Intel GPU).

Now, to answer your questions:
1. I would say that it is even less riskier than doing an official update using the Windows flasher as there are no possible interferences (software-wise) using this method. I'm running this BIOS myself on this notebook as a daily-driver since some weeks.
2/3. Just rename the official BIOS to "Z5WAWX64.FD" and copy it on a USB stick. Then do the flash procedure above and you're back up. You can get all the official BIOSes from the "Acer Aspire E5-572G BIOS-ME-EC-FD Collection". Going back to any of the official BIOSes is possible at any time.

Hope this helps.
Update: BIOS 1.09b is now available!

Unlocked a few more options that I missed before - everything that can be unlocked should be available now
Overclocking enabled ME is now included by default (no disadvantages for HM86 notebooks)
Applied a few useful BIOS patches by CodeRush (Unlock CPU Power Management Register (useful for Hackintosh Users)/Disable BIOS Lock/Disable SMI Lock)
Update: BIOS 1.09c is now available!

Changed Nvidia GPU idle voltage from 0,94V to a more correct value of 0,76V - thanks to Maison1 from for bringing this matter to my attention
Unlocked all sliders in the Nvidia VBIOSes for editing with Maxwell II BIOS Tweaker - thanks to WerePug from for posting the way to do this
Hello! I flashed the "21 cpu microcode" modded bios to my e5-572g. I set all of your recommended Bios settings. Now if I start a gpu stress test, my notebook get really warm and suddenly shutdowns. The fan is working 100%. I checked my GPU temp with AIDA64 when I ran the GPU tests, It raises 90-92 celsius before shutdown..  Sad

What should I do? What should I change from the Preferences? Can I underclock the GPU? I very like this modded BIOS, and I dont want to flash the stock one. 
I attached a screenshot from GPU-Z.

Thanks your answer! 
Sorry for my english.. I'm hungarian.  Blush 
Best regards! 

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Hello all will this work on e5 574g? Acer mentioned 1.03 being same on these 2 laptops with flickering fix. Nvm was f5-572
No, your notebook isn't compatible with this BIOS and the recovery flash method isn't usable for flashing modded BIOSes with newer Acer notebooks either. Here's a thread where someone got the Aspire E5-574G modded:

I have created a few test BIOSes that may have a different fan behaviour.
For that, I replaced the EC-firmware of the current ModBIOS (Microcode 21) with the EC-firmware of another BIOS version.
In case you want to test them, here they are:


In case anyone is interested in changing the fan behaviour, feel free to try out the test BIOSes I posted above.
I'm interested in whether they make a noticeable difference or not.

Also, I will probably turn down the overclock of the GPU VBIOSes for the ModBIOSes soon (as it was too much to handle for some notebooks) and offer a special version with the currently used overclock.
That way everyone should have a suitable BIOS for daily-use.
hello ,
first i will appriciate ur work i want to know this microcode 21 will work on my laptop E5 572g ,intel i5-4210M, main board(south bridge) Hm86,nvidia 940M. if yes can u pls. step by guied me as i new in all these stuffs. actually i want to install hackintosh as there is deticated graphics i cant.

Thank's in advance

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