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[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios
Yes I tried what heltrix said and unfortunately it did not work (thanks anyway heltrix).
Quick question, if I made a backup BIOS (version 1.05) in 2016 with blocked version, can it be extracted from there (the bios file) ?
It might be usable, but I need to know how you created it and which size it is.
It is in my topic, post nr. 4:
The method and tool i used are recommended by @BDMaster

P.S. My bios chip has written on it the following : AH1439; 25B64BSIG . The problem is that the programmer CH341A, with SOIC8 SOP8 clip, on pressing detect returns an error about "access violation at address 0097EA42" ... I use version CH341A_1.30 .
Ok, with some modifications we can use this backup.
I'll just need to append the management engine and the flash descriptor to the backup, but I've done that before already.
I'll look into getting a flashable image ready as soon as possible.

Edit: The autodetection might not work. Please select "GIGADEVICE" as manufacturer and "GD25Q64" as model and then try to read the contents of the chip again.

Edit2: Here's a guide that shows how to read the chip (GD25Q64) with a CH341A programmer:
Pleas try to do it like this and use the software they offer.
However, you shouldn't need the 1.8V adapter.
Someone was able to flash the same chip with the CH341A programmer here, so it should be possible.

Edit3: Here's a specsheet of the BIOS chip:
Ok, I've built a flashable image with your backup as a base, you can find it here.

In case you haven't seen the edits of my previous post, please take a look at those as well.
I managed to read the bios (wasn't pulling down the lever of CH341A and so the programmer could not read the chip) and save it . The chip is indeed GIGADEVICE/GD25Q64, and i did see/read the edits and links from post #26 (thank you by the way, they were useful) . As software i used version CH341A_1.30 that you gave me and it worked.
The image that you put in the above post ( #27 ) , i managed to write it, but the laptop is in boot loop .
I will now attach a copy i made with programmer CH341A :
Ok, I'll take a look at it later today/tomorrow.
OK , thank you very much .
If you downloaded the file i will to delete it ( for saving space ) .

P.S. When i flash/write the image from post #27, the write/verify process goes well ( 100% ) but i get the following error at the end : " the image and chip size are are in disagreement " !
I have created two new images you can try:
Please start with the first one. If that works, you don't need to try number two.
In case an image works for you, please also check whether the unique numbers (serial number, etc.) are correctly displayed in the BIOS.

Sorry for the late response, I was quite busy and had to think about this for a while.
Also, I'm not sure why the program shows this message, your backup and the image I gave you are completely identical in size.
To be sure that the flash process worked properly, please dump the chip contents to a file after you have flashed a mod and compare it to the file you flashed (you can use a checksum-calculator for that).
Good news, the system works !
First, i want to thank you @mclarke2355 for all your support and time .
Secondly, I have to apologize, because of my incorrect ram mounting - the system was in boot loop, not from insufficient modified BIOS version. More exactly the image from post #26 works perfectly now( once the ram module is installed correctly ), same thing with images from post #31( managed to write them both for testing purpose and they both worked) . I realized that something is wrong when i flashed the two images you provided me in the post above ... i then disassembled all the parts and I carefully reassembled them back .
So the system works , the image from posts #26,31 are good for restore purposes (on my system) and the most important ,BIOS 1.09c runs perfectly stable .

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