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[REQUEST] Biostar max power warning bypass and possible unlock

With the help of others at I have modded my BIOS successfully to accept Xeon codes and run Xeon E5450 on my Biostar G413DC Rev7 with full functionality.

Max TDP of board is 95w, and highest listed quadcore is Q9550 2.83Ghz@95w with MPD of 132.48w.

The E5450 SLBBM is an 80w chip @ 3.0Ghz. MPD is 133.25w and 108.5 (sustained).

It seems to me that my board should safely run the E5450 at stock, and should accept some OC? My problem is that on boot, I get a "max power of CPU is higher than 95w" warning with countdown timer from 7 seconds to shutdown. If i press F10, it bypasses and boots perfectly and runs at normal temps and speeds.

-Modify BIOS to avoid warning (go away)
-voltage in my BIOS is locked and greyed out. Is it possible to unlock this?

Any help is appreciated.

Biostar G413DC Rev.7 latest BIOS:
.zip (Size: 482.18 KB / Downloads: 5)
(This one is stock. Mine was modified by swapping P6 microcodes for Xeons)

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