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[REQUEST] HP Pavilion dv5-1235dx Intel
Greetings everyone, I'd like to request help to mod the following model if possible, please.

-Notebook Model : HP Pavilion dv5-1235dx Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, Factory Installed OS Vista
-Product Number : NB163UA#ABA
-Motherboard Manufacturer : Quanta, Model : 3602, Rev : 110
-Bios Brand : Hewlett-Packard
-Bios Type : InsydeH20, Rev.3.5
-Bios Revision : F.21
-Bios SLIC : 2.1
-Bios Link :
-Rw-everything report :!r90XTQzS!HzQv3zcwOwKW-...XyK1_3VdsY

Id like to dual boot it with WinOS 7 and/or WinOS 10 and also to upgrade multiple components such as, CPU, SSD, WLAN, TV Tuner, RAM etc, and id like to gain advantage of the full unlocked BIOS, if possible of course, and no whitelist, to be able to be more flexible in what hardware to buy, but before I go ahead and purchase required components id like to know if above mentioned BIOS can be unlocked, because current BIOS mod for the Pavilion dv5 1000 series that is posted out there online by TTAV134, does NOT unlock the BIOS on my model, and any other link that I found are simply dead to try them out.

I am new to this, please advise if I need to do something else in order to achieve the mod, testing or what ever is necessary, thank you.

PS. I've already repartitioned the HDD and installed dual booth win7 and 10 and I never had any issues, maybe because first I made sure before that to update the EEPROM with correct information to support win7 like it would have been factory made instead of Vista, I don't know for sure, but I never encountered issues on that, yet id like to upgrade the hardware components mentioned above.

Now if I lets say by miracle brick my device, does it really require that factory HP_RECOVERY partition that came with windows Vista?
I have the Recovery Discs to rebuild back the HDD like factory if necessary, but I doubt its needed?
Because I tested the BIOS by TTAV134 both from win7 installation and also the win+B option to flash at boot and it worked with out issues, it just doesn't really unlock the BIOS, picture attached shows what has changed, the rest of the tabs are similar like other dv5-1000 series devices.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Anyone knows anything? If possible, or I can just forget about upgrading its hardware?
I need to make changes in the BIOS to change modes between IDE/Legacy/AHCI and only an unlocked BIOS can achieve that, the more info I look for online, it still ends up with the BIOS setup, and of course other various settings that advanced feature holds, but still locked for me, any help, anyone?

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