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[Removed, 44CN43WW] Lenovo B570 Whitelist Removal Request
I've created a new dos boot stick. I've downloaded the Lenovo_B570_44CN43WW_NWL.rar file. Then I have to copy only the files from the "DOSFLASH" dir to the stick, right? Then boot from the stick and type "flash.BAT" to the command line?

Can somebody please confirm that procedure....

Use this tool rn It as Admin and upload the result file here :

let me know

P.S. the Procedure is Correct ! , but I would see your Bios Backup . . .

Your Brain . . . . It's the best tool U can use ! Wink
Don't FLASH the Bios Mod if You get a Size Alert, You risk a Brick !!!
Donate to me for my work, click here BDM
hey BDMaster,

I had already tried to flash my bios again before you have posted.... It was kind of risky, but it worked!

So, thank you very much to you and camiloml!!
(11-11-2011, 09:26 PM)Can you please reupload the mod My wifi card in my laptop just took a Ship LVWelkin Wrote: -Manufacturer:Lenovo
-Model: B570-1068A8U
-Bios revision:44CN43WW
-Bios TypeTonguehoenix UEFI
-Bios Download Link:
-Current original card: Atheros AR9825, PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002B&SUBSYS_30A117AA&REV_01
-Card to be adde: Intel 6250,
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0087& SUBSYS_13218086&REV_2C\4&3AA0F23C&0&00E1

I tried doing the mod myself by following the instructions at mydigitallife, but I have no idea what I was doing. The instructions left too many steps out based on cross-referencing with other sites. Thank you for any assistance.
(11-04-2011, 07:10 PM)can you reupload it the b570 bios my wifi card just died camiloml Wrote:

I wait your news.
I can confirm his MOD works just fine. I'll poke around in my files and see if I have the file saved anywhere as well.
Hi, can help me please in removing white-list wlan and wwan?

Manufacturer: Lenovo:
-Model: Lenovo B570e
Latest Bios Revision: 44CN43WW
-Bios Bios Link:

can you help me ?

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