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[Request] EVGA SR-2 Memory Bug
I have one of these boards, and there is the pretty well known issue where it doesn't work right with 16GB DIMMS. After a CMOS reset, it comes right up, recognizing 16GB DIMMS right away, even with all the slots filled up. (6 per CPU) But if you try to save anything to the BIOS, (even just the defaults) it goes in an endless loop of trying to initialize the RAM, resetting and won't POST, with a set of undocumented codes in the boards readout.

This seems like a BIOS problem, such as not enough time is given to initializing large DIMMs. The board came out when 8GB dimms were very expensive and it was only tested by EVGA with 4GB DIMMs. (up to 48GB) It works just okay with 8GB DIMMs, but has to reset several times before it will post, but at least it eventually does POST.

Anybody here know how to fix this? There are lots of users of these boards out there that would be very grateful for such a fix. I've not tried it, but the board should POST even with 32GB DIMMs, as the higher end Xeon processors (such as Westmere x5690) will recognize up to 288GB each.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I will eventually need more than the 96GB (12 8GB DIMMMs) it now struggles a bit to work with. It works, but is marginal.


- sorabji
i got an EVGA-SR2 board and there is a bug with memory detection when doing overclocking.
Would be nice if someone take a look on that.

WORKS | Doesn't WORK

3x4GB left, 6x4GB right, = 36GB
3x8GB left, 3x8GB right, = 48GB
6x8GB left,                        = 48GB (Boot Loop)
6x8GB left, 6x8GB right, = 96GB (Boot Loop)

...but filling all banks without overclocking works.
So without overclocking it reads 96GB ram and i can boot windows.

CPU-Z Report.txt

.txt   OVERCLOCKED_(3x4GB+6x4GB)__36GB.txt (Size: 222.96 KB / Downloads: 2)

.txt   OVERCLOCKED_(3x8GB+3x8GB)__48GB.txt (Size: 218.43 KB / Downloads: 3)

.txt   STOCK__________(6x8GB+6x8GB)__96GB.txt (Size: 222.95 KB / Downloads: 2)

Current BIOS (it's the latest version)

.rar   EVGA-SR2 BIOS 1W555A58.rar (Size: 1.2 MB / Downloads: 3)

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