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[Request] Intel DX79TO support I7-3820
Sorry for late answer.
Tryed it today with the bios provided ( dump_619_bb.BIN ) - post codes dont run at all ( post code 00 ).
Tryed the old bios that was originally - stops at 46 code.
Tryed the recovery method with both bioses - optical drive did not start blinking Sad
Try find reason why Recovery Mode doesn't start.
I've made new version of your dump.Please flash it and post results.
(10-10-2015, 09:18 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: I've made new version of your dump.Please flash it and post results.

Sorry for late answer - gave up on that board and sold it. (with original bios)

Sometimes it POSTed on some occasions and it reported that "Motherboard detected failed POSTs attempts and POSTed with minimal settings" (dont remember exact text).

It POSTed on very rare occasions, don't know why, usually POSTed once after flashing with programmator and after reboot it did not post.
Once i was lucky enough i got to flash from USB drive i was quite sure the problem was solved after that, but same problem after reboot. (problem described on previous posts, same symptoms)

Dont have the board anymore so cant try anything else. Thank you for your help.

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