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Unlock GA-P67-DS3-B3 (rev. 1.0)
thank you for your time, is not working, not from dos not from bios, i will get another mobo problem solved

You're welcome, don't give in so easily Smile It wont work from BIOS ever, I said @BIOS, it's a program you download on their site for your board in the software section.
here is link -

Don't use this on first BIOS, only this last second one.

This tool automatically crossflashes peoples boards for them when they don't want it Big Grin So it's known to be used for crossflashing when you do want it too.
You can also run the command manually from the batch file in DOS, but add the /X or /Z switch and sometimes that will get it too (only one at a time)
flashspi P67DS32.FE /X
flashspi P67DS32.FE /Z
ok, i m back in the game Smile)

i did managed to flash with @bios (newb me) but, but the initial file that u uploaded still does not want to accept, so at the moment i am with the new .fe bios
Good you did not give in! Sorry for confused directions after you got it, I forget depending on how you get it you may have to dance a little more!
Now that you have .FE BIOS flashed in, reflash that same .FE again but stock unedited version from here (Use @BIOS again, check clear DMI Box)

Then, once you have done that, try stock unedited UA2 (DO NOT flash this with @BIOS)

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