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[Unlocked] Acer Aspire Z5801:OEM Debug menu and VGA anti-whitelist

This is a BIOS mod for Acer's 2011 All-in-One Aspire Z5801
keywords: MB.SGB06.00x 001 002 - P01-A2

[Image: SDuK041.png]

Some words:
If I'm not mistaken, it is one of the beefiest AIO they ever did (recent Aspire U5-710 coming close but no graphics card).
Mine has an i7 2600S @ 2.8GHz-3.1GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 2TB HDD and... is was locked on a nVidia GeForce GT530 2GB.
I bought a low profile GT640 4GB fitting the power consumption a couple years ago hoping to give my buddy a bit more juice but soon learned that Z5801 models have a VGA whitelist that autorizes only GT520 and GT530..!
I recently stumbled upon this site and as it provided great guides and tools I took the chance to beat the VGA limitation.

The mod:
I simply enabled the OEM Debug menu (lots of options. Can be useful for overclocking I guess? not my thing) and set the "Fill SSD/SVID to VGA" to ALL... ...Ok, I also changed the boot logo to the WFW3.11 splashscreen, sorry about that (I did this mod for me, eh!). You can either disable the quiet boot or change the boot logo with tools provided by this very site.
Once flashed, just go double-check that "Fill SSD/SVID to VGA" to ALL as I suppose not clearing CMOS might keep the previous "disabled" setting. This is the option that lets you use whatever card you want.

Pay attention that if you decide to flash this mod, you'll be responsible if it bricks your Z5801. I flashed my BIOS several times without problem using the tool provided by ACER with their latest P01-A2 BIOS from their website. I tried to make sure it was possible to use the BIOS recovery method with this computer, however I couldn't trigger it no matter what I tried. Maybe it only works when the BIOS is already corrupted?
Anyway as I said, you can just use Acer's little BIOS update package to flash it and simply swap the original BIOS image with the one I provide:

.zip   P01A2U.ZIP (Size: 1.36 MB / Downloads: 26)
And here's a mirror just in case.

Many thanks to this site/forum and its contributors. Following guides and using tools were pretty straightforward. My AIO is now properly upgradable and is worth maxing its RAM out and changing PSU to use a more recent low profile GPU. Gonna keep it some more years :)


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