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phoenix/award BIOS unlock request
Ok , heres what i unlocked

Quick POST
DRAM Config (Memory Overclocking)
LTD + PCI Bus Control
Internal Video Mode
AGP Aperture Size
GFX Clock Mod
Async GFX Clk
MClk Spread Spectrum
Power Management - HDD Power Down , C2 Disable/Enable
Pnp/Pci Configuration

And A Few Others!!

Sadly , there werent any CPU Overclocking options in there

Flash at your own risk!

www find
the ability to tighten up teh ram timings should help quite a bit

thanks for the service!


should I use winflash to flash it, or should I wait til I have the money for a usb floppy drive and floppy disc?

also, did you see if my BIOS has the safety feature where it still allows booting even with a funky bios? I dont have an extra computer at teh moment, but at least my BIOS is socketed, so I could potentially drop it at a computer service place and have them flash my current BIOS on there
planning on trying the new BIOS in a few days, got a friend with a floppy drive/disc so wen shall see how it goes, thanks again
just wanted to update

Im on the new BIOS. unfortuanetly, there is a problem with teh BIOS and the motherboard conflicting. ram is of course stock at 200Mhz and 2.5 CAS I raised the speed to 216Mzh and raised teh CAT and a few other ram timings to 3, I can always use software to take note of all teh setting snad change them as necessary.

system refuses to boot unless I pull the battery. clearing the CMOS with a jumper apparently doesnt work on this board.

once I was back in business, I tried it again, this time I gave myself way more room with the timings same result.

I was able to utilize other various settings unlocked, so thanks again!!


on another forum, someone mentioned of a way to force CPU clocking options but the system IC would need to be overridden

is this a possible arguement, or was this guy talking out of his backside? I know if voltage settio9ngs arent available, usually they arent on the board period, but I do know my processor, stock at 2.0 can hit 2.5 Ghz on stock voltage, and if you are lucky, 2.6

hmm, just spitballing I guess

anyways, thansk again
Quote:on another forum, someone mentioned of a way to force CPU clocking options but the system IC would need to be overridden

No idea what to do about that!

Sorry! - glad the other things worked out for you though Big Grin

www find
alright, I have done a bunch of reading.
seems the only way to have OC options is to rip apart my cpu module and throw a retail copy in its place, in a manor of speaking

heres a link to the retail board's BIOS, and you guys have the link to my original bios

Id like some pointers, as I would like to learn to do this myself, but if you can do this, could you pelase walk me through the steps? the sites that I find go into detail are always for AMI bios's

thanks in advance
Oh Dear God!


Merging the retail counterpart into the OEM version of the board has about a 5% success rate!

DO NOT CONTINUE WITH THIS - Just buy a new motherboard!

you have been warned! Tongue

www find
Hi! Please, help me find my BIOS update: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG (05/15/2007-P4M890-8237-6A7L8J18C-00).


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