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[request] slic 2.1 for ASUS P9X79
Manufacturer: ASUS
Model: P9X79
Bios Type: AMI
Bios Revision: 0906 (2011.12.23 update)
Bios Link:

RW is attached

btw - what software to use to create new bios with slic ?
I tried Ami Slic Mod 1.6.2 - it says the ROM is not AMI BIOS

Attached Files
.rar  AcpiTbls.rar (Size: 59.11 KB / Downloads: 1)
looks like phoenixtool 193 worked this out
will try to flash it later and get back with my results
all done - found worked slic 2.1 bios

dl from here -

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