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Anyone able to modify a Radeon VII BIOS? Will pay
I have a few Radeon Instinct MI60's.
They are very similar to the Radeon VII but have 60 CU instead of 64, a little more stream processors, and 32GB HBM2 instead of 16GB.  I want to try mining on it for fun but the linux driver that is out there won't let me adjust GPU clocks with the BIOS the card comes with.  Is anyone out there able to modify a stock Radeon VII BIOS to work with the additional CUs, SPs, and HBM2?  I will pay of course for your work.
AMD/ATI seems to be keeping the raedon under lock and key pretty well as ive found next to nothing on the signing method they use for their new bios but some posts i was reading eventually led me to here which may be what your looking for or at least something close .... the bios looks like a regular 1mb bios but the digital file signature is weird ive not seen many of that type similair to sony or etc ....... also may be worth while to see if these two developers would collaborate on a new editor for your bios i dont see very many people that will be able to break the signature verification quickly would take me a year at least.... problem with bios is they all written in some obscure new language making the assembly confusing if not impossible to understand but i see a date tag i can change and could probably find a few other things if i looked for a while at the rom file doesnt seem like the data is too encrypted in my personal opinion but could be wrong. Reverse engineering is not what this forum does best i see hardly any examples of good reverse engineering or bios reprogramming but it is a good site to explore different topics and get information about already explored topics etc etc

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