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[REQUEST] Veriton M2610 - Ivy Bridge Support
Hi. i read this article. i have similiar case i have same board as him (h61h2-am v1.1). my current cpu is pentium g630. i'm trying to replace my cpu with i3 3220. when i replace it shows black screen, also my mouse and keyboards light doesnt turn on (i think it means any of other devices not working.) when i try start my computer it beeps 4 times. i did many research on google and it concluded i should uptade my bios. but i can't even format my computer. so can u tell me how to uptade my bios (i'm not fluent in english, sorry my bad english Smile)
(02-08-2021, 04:15 AM)manlai Wrote: i can't even format my computer. so can u tell me how to uptade my bios
I'm not a tutor.
You need to flash this dump by a harware programmer.
Hi Nevermore, where is the bios write protect jumper, found a red one near the sata ports but no matter what position it's in get "Bios is write protected"

EDIT: ignore the above guys, reading back it requires a hardware programmer to flash the bios, think I'll stick with Sandy Bridge to be honest - or a new motherboard as this ones not exactly setting my senses on fire.

manlai, if you cant "format a computer" i'd abandon the Ivy bridge i3-3220 CPU and just put an i5 sandy bridge in it...

To nevermore and deathbringer, thank you to you two for working out the way to update this locked m2610G board. I ordered an i3 3220 based on cpu-upgrade site compatibility list and little did I know this board was not plug and play and the unit now is still socketed with a lousy G630 and bottlenecking everything else.

Based on the tutorials here and on youtube I've ordered myself a CH341A with test clip (I can't solder if my life depended on it) and will attempt this mod with the provided working .bin files by nevermore once it arrives.

For those wanting to try this mod via hardware programmer I found that the video in Youtube titled *Remastered: How to use a BIOS flasher w/ Test clip to flash BIOS and EEPROM chips in Linux/Windows* (sorry my reply message window is messed up I can't even see the box and everything so I am using the quick reply part to type this, hence unable to hyperlink stuff) was very helpful for total beginners, and of course the flashing Bios guide here at Bios-Mods.


Everything Works!...first time over had some display issues as i did not immediately install nvidia drivers, i let windows update install the display drivers and that caused windows to boot into a blank screene everytime. After that reinstalled windows again, and installed the nvidia drivers manually and everything has worked well since. It's been 48 hours now and I'm happy to report no issues whatsoever.
Good Dayt/ The Best/ +++++
Good afternoon. Help me download the modified BIOS for acer h61h2-am v1.1. I registered on the site and the link does not work. I will be grateful. Thanks.
(07-20-2022, 11:49 PM)nekst_08 Wrote: the link does not work.
You're wrong.
Hi from last 2 day i am reading this BIOS and mod forum i am trying to upgrade my CPU from i3-2120 to i7-3770 but it give 4 beep on start up when i boot PC with i7-3770 on i3 2120 it run ok with no issue please guide me with upgrading my BIOS i am giving all my hardware details below plz check and guid me

MOTHERBOARD - Acer h61h2-am v1.1

current CPU i3 2120

Want to upgrade to CPU i7 3770
Read this thread attentively.
(09-19-2023, 02:03 PM)DeathBringer Wrote: Bharat
Read this thread attentively.

ya i had read this thread i wanna ask that can i go with the dump file which you have given to user nevermore??

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