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Asus N73SM & i7-2920XM
I have an N73SM in which I installed an i7 2920XM but it remains stuck at the maximum frequency of 2.5 GHz despite having the multiplier unlocked. I tried to change various settings of the ThrottleStop software but nothing, can you help me modify its original BIOS so that I can make the most of that processor?
A thousand thanks

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.rar   N73SMAS302.rar (Size: 1.13 MB / Downloads: 0)
Look at your screenshot - the reason is overheating.
The problem is not the temperature because as you can see in these images it is under control even under stress as it does not go beyond 2.5 GHz, I had probably done another type of test and it had exceeded it in the previous image. I think it's more a question of TDP which is 55 W in the case of the 2920XM while the original was 45 W and I really think it's the limit to be changed in the BIOS but which I don't know how to do....

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Make a photo of its motherboard near a socket.
P.S. Did you do Load Defaults in BIOS?
Yes, I have loaded the default settings from the BIOS as well as having tried various settings of the ThrottleStop software but the turbo function does not work. I don't want to dismantle the whole notebook again to take a photo, I can take images with AIDA64 if that helps. However, in my opinion it is a BIOS level block of the processor power which in this case is 55 W.

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Do Load Defaults in BIOS, save and reboot.
Go to ThrottleStop's folder and delete file ThrottleStop.ini and run ThrottleStop.
Make a screenshot with TRL and TPL windows of ThrottleStop.
I did as you told me and a strange thing happened but I didn't have time to save it with a screenshot. In practice, after deleting the ThrottleStop.ini file upon restarting by opening both the ThrottleStop software and the task manager I noticed that the processor reached 3.2 GHz but then when I opened AIDA64 to check the maximum frequency reached in the statistics it was now stuck again at 2.5 GHz. I continue to believe that once a certain power is exceeded, probably set in the original BIOS, the processor is blocked. The image settings are as the program has them by default.

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I think the reason is the hardware limit of motherboard's power subsystem.
So I need a photo of its motherboard near a socket.
Here are the images

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There is no problem.
Make a photo of the label on PSU.

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