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[REQUEST] Lenovo Flex 10 BIOS Unlock
(11-15-2016, 07:00 AM)Antiklesys Wrote: I have 2x Lenovo Flex 10 one with 93cn27ww and one with 93cn19ww

You could make backup of v27 bios from inside flash chip of one Flex10 and flash into another.

The universal bios backup tool for this can be found on this site.

If you can also upload the v27 bios backup file I would appreciate it.
I'm trying to find older version on which I can install Win 7 again.
I know there must be someone out there still having the older versions of bios running on their Flex 10

93cn50ww, 93cn28ww, 93cn27ww

Please help, either a lenovo flash .exe file or chip hex backup would be nice
Hey thanks for the advice.
I'll give it a go and try to upload the result here Smile

Also, how do you suggest to use the extracted file to flash it on the other PC?
That process is not 100% clear to me. Do you have any additional insights?
(11-21-2016, 04:29 AM)Antiklesys Wrote: Also, how do you suggest to use the extracted file to flash it on the other PC?
That process is not 100% clear to me. Do you have any additional insights?

To get the bios file from the chip, you can use "Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0" program

also you can use Intel Insyde h2o platform flash tool "fpt.exe", but you have to find a version that supports your chip

To flash that file into another laptop you can use fpt.exe again, or a hardware flasher with soic 8 clip if fpt.exe is unable to unlock the flash

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Hello everybody!

I have a request to unlock the bios to its fullest potential with as much features as possible (Advanced tab unlocked, ram frequincy etc).

Laptop: Lenovo Flex 10 2gb ram, Celeron N2806 
Link to Bios:
Rev. 5.0

Thank you all in advance Angel
(10-31-2016, 01:09 PM)majk Wrote:
(10-31-2016, 07:06 AM)majk Wrote: Is there a way to extract .hex file from .fd file?

I got it, need to edit .fd by hex editor and remove everything before (and including) "$_IFLASH_BIOSIMG..€...€." on 1C1E0h at beginning of file and everyting after and including " _IFLASH_INI_IMG" at 81C1E0h at end of file so file has same size as flash (800000h)

So I can get back the 32-bit bios now.

Still looking for version 93cn50ww (last 64 bit bios that runs Win7) if somebody has...
My Bios version is 93cn50ww. My bootable USB starts but after reboot laptop is freezing

Can someone unlock my Flex 10 bios, please? Dump done with SPI programmer.

Also, I have a question. How to change anything with UEFITool? I have UEFITool NE alpha 68 and I can't even replace a string. Is there something else needed like libraries I am missing?

One more thing, if I download a genuine BIOS update from the website, change something in the ROM provided (let's say USB Always ON > DISABLE) and then use it to inject and update, would that entry be left as I changed it or it would be revert to default?
If that would work then would that be some way to inject your own "updates" and change settings apart from using a programmer?

Just an idea and silly question but I'm just curious if that would work. It is working for manufacturers to inject updates to BIOSes.

Thank You

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.bin   flex10_aaa.bin (Size: 8 MB / Downloads: 0)

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