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I tried it today (3 december 2018). I was updating my EeePc 1015CX using its dedicated Asus EZ flash utility from a very normal 2Gb Fat 32 USB pendrive; and everything went fine. Now EMT64 support is listed both in Bios and using the lscpu command.

I am very grateful because I really like my small Netbook. I have been treating it very good in the last 5 years, so it's in excellent conditions. Unfortunately Skype (Microsoft) has dropped its linux i686 support, making it impossible to use it.
Thank to this mood I was able to boot a 64 bit kernel and soon I'll get the right version.
In a word you gave me the opportunity to enjoy my nice little PC for some other years!
Thank you!
Almost 4 years after you posted this and someone (me) still finds it useful!
Thanks! It will bring new life to an unused eeePC I had laying around.
I join all thanks sent by users to the person who posted this post! This mod is installed on Asus 1011cx. Everything works fine! No complaints. Many thanks!
April 29, 2019, I just applied the MOD and it worked!, thank you very much! Greetings from Mexico.
I had to use "AFU for Aptio v2.28" from modification download. I use "AFUDOS.exe 1015CX.ROM /K /P /B /N /X" form freedos usb. Asus EZ flash utility keep try to boot the harddrive. Netbook had a wipe hdd. Net book is Asus 1011cx. Thanks for the mod!
Thanks so much.. İ flashed from bios ez utility. Now 64bit support.. Will try new 64bit linux distros, advanture goes onSmile
Dear Messiah, thanks for the modified BIOS. I installed it on my little Asus 1011CX without any problems. Delivered Windows 10x64 1809 (replaced HDD with SSD). The system responds well. Now busy looking for a driver for the Intel GMA 3600.
(05-21-2015, 07:11 AM)messjah Wrote: Hi,
this is the latest bios available at the Asus website (1101) with unlocked EM64T modify a few hours ago. Angel
Full working and tested on my EEE-PC 1015CX.
Have you a good 64Bit installation time... :-)


You are a God Send! Great work. Works perfectly and was able to instal Ubuntu 16.04.06 x86_64 on my EEE-PC 1015X. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!
(05-21-2015, 07:11 AM)messjah Wrote: Hi,
this is the latest bios available at the Asus website (1101) with unlocked EM64T modify a few hours ago. Angel
Full working and tested on my EEE-PC 1015CX.
Have you a good 64Bit installation time... :-)


Thanks alot.

cpuz now showing emt64  Wink

For some reason LibreElec generic is not booting stuck at network driver loading..

Is it possible to add below features..
  • disable inbuilt keyboard? (not working - random keys get inputted)
  • display bios over hdmi output? 
  • power on - when ac power on
  • power on - wake on lan

Thanks once again Smile
After PFSense discontinued support for 32bit your bios became golden for me. Many thanks to you. You saved me $$$.

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