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[REQUEST] Bios Unlock Asus ROG GL552VW
can anyone help me with this? from what i have seen, not many people seem to reply to threads similar to mine anymore... but i mean, may as well give it a try.
^^^ here's the download to my bios, got it directly from the asus website
yes, i know all the risks. but i pretty much never reach my temp limit for this laptop so far, so yeah
can't get rom file because it's locked or something, already tried... that's the best thing i can give really
bios version: 218, pretty sure
Good afternoon. 
I would like to unlock the BIOS on this laptop to get the full functionality when using it. I use BIOS 300 from the manufacturer's website.
Interested in the settings of the processor, usb and discrete graphics
I am hope for your help.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 2.59 MB / Downloads: 41)
Hello feluchi, I am also looking into my GL552VW and wondering if I can mod it to a better extent. Would you kindly PM me about it? Thanks
I was hoping someone would share some knowledge of hardware and drivers so that we can unlock our machines to a certain moral advancement. However, this guy is not really helping on that and asks for money in PM if comes for unlocking. It is BIOS, if you are not telling me what you would do with my BIOS, why should anyone do that to threat themselves. Not a good discussion start so leave it.
Hello, please unlock the hidden options in the BIOS. Thank you Smile

Attached Files
.rar   afuwin.rar (Size: 2.47 MB / Downloads: 76)
hello i own an asus rog gl552vw and i unlocked most of the settings
by changing everything from user to supervisor

but i would like to disable intel graphic but is that what sg select mode does
i have only the muxless option i wonder if its possible to unlock the muxed option ?

and if you have to extract strings to modify it then can somebody do it for me ?

why i want to disable intel is because i hate to have to change both in intel graphic and nvidia
when i game

i will attach the bios rom later when i have a stable internet connection

edit > i attached the bios i use now

edit 2> i cant seem to attach the bios ?
Hello, please unlock the hidden options in the BIOS. Thank you
Hi, can you send me the modded bios too? I have an ASUS ROG GL552VW laptop as well. thanks!

I would also like the unlocked bios for the GL552VW. Tnx  Smile
Hey everybody  Big Grin
Is there a chance that anybody can PM me unlocked 300 bios ?  Rolleyes

//:Can you disable intel GPU ?://
//:Can you change CPU speed ?://

I repasted my GL552VW with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut alias liquid metal 6 months ago.
HUGE performance boost ..  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
From  60°C to 36°C idle
Games from 82°C that was limit to maximum 50°C-60°C (Overwatch)

Also I am using Notebook FanControl on 100% ROG G752VY profile.

I also overcloked gtx960m VBIOS .. but reverted to normal.
If anybody has good VBIOS for GTX960m 2gb PM me  Angel Angel Angel
I attached my settings in XTU .. 853 benchmark for me ..
I incresed voltage offset to +0.100 normally i go for -0.125 for lower temperatures Smile

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