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(Request) Unlock Dell XPS 8700 Bios
General Info: Bios was unlocked but Overclocking the BCLK was impossible! Lesson Don't buy OEM computers or Boards!
(03-09-2020, 12:03 AM)magicman Wrote:
(03-08-2020, 12:26 AM)genius239 Wrote:
(03-08-2020, 12:00 AM)magicman Wrote: It works!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!

Please capture some unlocked screenshots and attach them ,in detail is better.

Found steps related to activating ICC maybe? From another thread!

Sorry kasar difficult to type everything when u have a few drinks too many [Image: smile.gif]

I meant the following (copying and paste from my previous post a few weeks back)

1) Dump ME using fptw.exe -ME -D ME.BIN. If correctly unlocked you should be able to dump this file.
2) Load up FITC and load ME.BIN
3) Under ME Region goto Configuration/ICC Data/ICC Profile 0/FCIM/BTM specific ICC registers
4) If Clock Source Select is 0x00011A33, then the Dells use the PLL built into the PCH, so we can change it to 0x00011A34 to enable overclocking. If this value is something else then we cannot enable overclocking like this
5) If successful save ME_MODIFIED.BIN in compact form
6) fptw.exe -ME -F ME_MODIFIED.BIN

Good luck! [Image: smile.gif]

Sent from my HTC One X

It's look like not difficult ,but the point is that MEI usually was locked ,you can't dump me region with fpt tool ,only SPI programmer can backup full size of bios file.

(03-09-2020, 12:47 AM) pid=\163210' Wrote:It's look like not difficult ,but the point is that MEI usually was locked ,you can't dump me region with fpt tool ,only SPI programmer can backup full size of bios file.

So no other way? Not some setting that can be changed to load library in BIOS?
Why don't you test that method at first??
Don't always ask not to do.

You forever don't know what stuff you will meet if you don't to try something yourself.

Thanks for uploading an unlocked BIOS version for XPS8700.

Can this one help with the exFAT freeze issues present on the original BIOS where it will freeze after POST when an exFAT drive is connected?
I also have a question about this particular BIOS. I am not interested in the overclocking. I don't game. I am actually planning to sacrifice my PCIe x16 slot and nvidia card to put in an NVMe adapter and SSD. Problem is, I don't know if BIOS would even know what to do with it. There is conflicting information even (or maybe I should say especially? Rolleyes ) on the Dell website forums. What do you all know about it? Hopefully a lot more than me. I want to max this thing out and run it into the ground. I'm going to flash this mod and have a looksie, but I won't be buying my hardware until I can confirm this is even worth it. Otherwise, I'll just go SATA and save my pennies for a new build.

Appreciate your help. Heart
Can someone please re-upload xps8700_1.rar?

Hi, I would like to ask with which application you flashed the Bios. Because it provides Flashroom (Not all flash region are freely accessible) and Aptio 4 (Secure Flash Rom Verify Fail). Thank you very much in advance.
Is there a tool better for flashing than others for this type of BIOS?

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