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Lenovo G460 G560 Z460 Z560 NWL ADV MC

All the bios I saw had only one or two modifications, so I was doing my bios mod with all three possible.
You probably won't find a better modified bios.
I made this Mod for myself for the Lenovo G560.
Overall the original bios works for several models like G460, G560, Z460 and Z560.
Which means that the mod should also work on the other mentioned models, but I have no way to check.


- Add Advanced Settings
- Whitelist Wifi Card Removed
- Microcode CPU Update:

-- CPUID 20655 From 00000002 (01.03.2010) to 00000007 (23.04.2018)
-- CPUID 20652 From 00000009 (12.11.2009) to 00000011 (08.05.2018)
-- CPUID 106E5 From 00000003 (29.05.2009) to 0000000A (08.05.2018)


While browsing the forums you can come across people who exchanged cpu and it wasn't compatible with their lenovo bios so it didn't work.
Old mircocode cpu may be to blame, it may not yet support the cpu in question.
For example, the newest original bios for my laptop has the old microcode 00000002 while the newest is 00000007 and the old one may not support the new CPU, so upgrading the microcode may help.

There is also the fact that the windows system loads the microcode at startup if it has a newer than the one in the bios.
However, the bios loads before windows so this newer windows microcode won't do anything to support the new cpu.
Your current version of mircocode can be seen in UEFITool by uploading your bios file (not .exe) to it.

These are just my considerations, but they can help someone.
Hello i would like to thank you for sharing your bios mod

I used your bios mod on my sister's Lenovo G460, it worked correctly, unlocked the advanced bios settings, I was able to increase the ram of the integrated gpu, before it was only 64mb and was causing bugs in Windows 10, when I increased it to 128mb the bug was solved, plus this bios mod enabled bluetooh which I didn't even know the notebook had.

An addendum for those who face the problem of Windows crashing when running InsideFlash64.exe, the problem occurs because the notebook battery is probably dead, I solved it by removing the dead battery from the notebook and disabling the battery check from Platform.ini
Please tell me which wifi modules are compatible with my lenovo z560 ?
Thanks for the modified bios. I'll try it soon.
Despues de actualizar bios, se debe reinstalar windows? porque estoy teniendo complicaciones para iniciar windows normalmente. Mi laptop es una lenovo g560.
(03-31-2024, 03:00 PM)SupermanSexy Wrote: Despues de actualizar bios, se debe reinstalar windows? porque estoy teniendo complicaciones para iniciar windows normalmente. Mi laptop es una lenovo g560.

No, you don't have to reinstall Windows, at least I didn't have to and I updated the bios on exactly the same model. If the system does not boot at all, see if changing the SATA Controller Mode setting in the BIOS will help.

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