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$100 reward - Intel Server Board S3200 / S3200SH
I'll paypal $100 to someone if you can get this bios modified and successfully help me flash it to the server board (and it works).

Hi All,

I've run into the issue of trying to RAID 3tb+ on an old Intel MSM option rom - which led me here. I've read everything I can, used all the BIOS rom tools, and the only one that worked was the MMT below to give me anything. I'd like to add the latest ROM that would support the ability to create 3tb+ RAID1.

I have an intel server board s3200shv
bios here:
bios here:

I determined the BIOS file was named R0052.cap (is this really the BIOS?)
I renamed to R0052.rom and opened in MMTool Aptio (4.5 and 5.0 both work)
I could not open the file with the UEFI Bios Updater tool (not a valid file)

I've attached a screenshot of the MMTool output, but can't really seem to find the options that are discussed on the site (look for "such and such" in the output)

[Image: 5dd-1-aea6.jpg]

Any guidance would be appreciated, I have a number of these boards and it would really extend their usefulness if I could get this working.


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Also, if it matters, it's ICH9R, DEV_2822, current option ROM is, ideally we jump past 10.5 .

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