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AM1201/Rs740DVF Custom Logo/Splash Screen Working Will Post Verification.
Custom splash screen to replace acer splash screen nothing else is modified in this bios! ....!!bios is for Acer Aspire M5200-M1200!!... really nice if you wanna get rid of annoying acer logo when using the pc on a daily basis........ i Can also extract whatever splashscreen from whatever ami aptio or amibios8 systems without any risk and give a confirm working im hoping to release a tool to update acer splash screens and let the user customize whatever they want on the image. This one is a lion with a recovery keys so user knows which keys start recovery not useful unless you pinout the com ports which is boring and annoying i dont recommend at all but good to know if someone finds out what name the recovery is looking for or has a floppy drive might work regardless of filename not sure havent tried... i soldered my own com port but the recovery does work its not just text i added in the picture if you use a ps\2 keyboard you will be able to initialize recovery by holding ctrl+home when your keyboard lights up on boot. and it will let you know in recovery by issuing one beep every 30 seconds then it will search when it detects floppy or cd drive.. Anyway at least this pc has one mod now the splash screen is just a neutral screen easier on the eyes than the oem splash screen..... there is like two things i unhid by setting to supervisor which i believe operates the com port and the other port i also was able to get a tpm menu to show up no idea what it does but looking into it i guess.

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