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ASUS P5K Microcode For LGA771
(10-03-2015, 06:21 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: gm81_fr
Can you boot up with old CPU?


no i canno't boot with old cpu.

the problem is no the modded bios : my P5K seems to be an OEM motherboard : there's a P5K/S sticker on the motherboard 
i bought today a new P5K : PCB are strictly identicals
i swaped the bios an the new one still OK (so my flash was ok)
now i ve to find a bios for my P5K/S but i don't know were (it's seem to be a Fujitsu Siemens OEM in german forums)
i don't know where to find the Fujitsu Siemens bios for my P5K(/S) motherboard
I see you made some grat work!
Is it possible to get a BIOS for asus P5-KC MoBo, with AHCI enabled and with microcodes for Xeon5450?

I found BIOS versions for one of my requirement, but none for both of them Smile.

Tnx in advance.
(10-02-2015, 03:55 PM)gm81_fr Wrote: hi

i flashed with this bios and now my PC doesn't restart
nothing on the screen

You was save old bios before updating...
If you can't restore thru inserted EZFlash (reboot > key "Del") original from asus,
then remains to restore bios only in technical service asus for a little pay if MB not burned.

Now we write on updated P5K (MANY THANKS TO THIS FORUM)
and wait two stones E5450($20) & E3-1265Lv3($275) for another MB from China

[Image: attachment.php?aid=11242]

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Many thanks to this forum Smile

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Hello to all again,
We noticed even without a stopwatch that with Xeon E5450 (against 2-cores I.C.duo E8400) for more time are copying a picture into MS Photo Editor for an inserting to *.doc
CPU multiplier are lifting up to maximum even when we are viewing avi 640x480 in WMP...
By earlier of this has never happened...
After all it have FOUR cores and 12Mb L2 cash...

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...In full condition of rest a multiplier are minimum...

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Thanks a lot for sharing this P5K bios mod! It works really fine on my P5K / X3323 setup ^^
I don't own the right Cooler to test an Overclock just yet, but I should soon clock it to a nice 3.0 or 3.33Ghz.
Will the bios posted earlier in this thread work for a P5K-VM please? If not, if there's anyone out there  who could mod it I'd appreciate it  Big Grin
(01-16-2014, 11:44 PM)bail_w Wrote: nvm, i followed this link and inject the 771 microcode to the bios.

I've attached the bios here. Flash on your own risk.

hi, i have update the bios with the modify, but always
the boot say me: update your bios for have the maximum of your cpu,
after start windows 10 and sometimes is freezing with the logo at the
center of screen or freezing at the repair windows.
what to do ?

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