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Abit A-n78hd
Ok, I had an Abit a-n78hd board with a Sempron 3500+ cpu. The board worked fine but was able to pick up a Phenom II x4 965 black edition cheap and figured it would work.

The board posts and boots fine but the cpu does not clock at the right speed nor does it show the proper cpu information. I found a beta bios posted online and gave it a try. The CPU information now shows correctly but it still hugely underclocks the cpu to 800 mhz and the portion to change the multiplier that was available on the sempron cpu is no longer showing.

When I flashed the bios I made a backup of the original so uploading both the one I had as well as the beta version. I am just hoping that the multiplier setting can be restored so that I can set the multiplier to where it should be otherwise to have it set to the default of 17 would be fine as right now it is defaulting to a multiplier of 4.

I found the Beta bios version at which added the Phenom II support

Original BIOS
.bin   AN78OLD.BIN (Size: 1 MB / Downloads: 3)

.bin   an78new.bin (Size: 1 MB / Downloads: 12)

Any help to get this fixed would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I will end up trying one of the BIOS services or getting a new board but really don't have the funds for either at the moment.
Well guess this post is actually not needed but going to put some information out there.

Took about 5 hours of searching and tweaking things. Had to turn off the cool and quiet implementation in the bios and downloaded Phenom MSR Tweaker. The power states in windows 7 and/or the bios was causing the cpu to default to a 4x multiplier and a low power state no matter what the power profile was set to.

Using the Phenom MSR Tweaker I was able to set the power states as follows

P0 to 17 for the multiplier and a voltage of 1.4volts
P1 to 14 for the multiplier and a voltage of 1.3volts
P2 to 11 for the multiplier and a voltage of 1.225 volts
P3 to 8 for the multiplier and a voltage of 1.15 volts
P4 to 4 for the multiplier and a voltage of 1.05 volts

The service was enabled so that the tweaker would handle the power states and control when they will be activated.

This is all done using the Beta BIOS listed in my above post. I ran Prime 95 for about 30 mins as well as ran the windows assessment and the system showed the proper state changes in CPU-Z and ran stable. The cooler that was sent with the CPU spins up in the higher states and slows down as the states drop and the cpu cools down.

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