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Acer Aspire E380 crash
first i want to apologize,i'm not well english speaking person(-I'm from Czech republic).And I'm not so sure,if I'm writting to a right thread.

So,my problem is:
Today i wanted to play some movies on TV connected with S-Video and scart cable to my PC.The TV was for some reason "undetectable" for me,so i've downloaded an original drivers for my graphic card.After instalation,i've reboot.And in that moment,has something gone wrong.I dont really know what.But after reboot,the monitor was black and my computer start beeping.It was endless beeping with a few second breaks.
So i've unplugg the monitor cable and beeping has changed.Now its a "long-short-short-break-long-short-short-break-long...." beeping.

Ive found on google,that the best way to fix it is to restart bios,with some funcion on motherboard.Some clearing CMOS.And thats the main problem-i dont really know what should i do,how?

Please,if you can help me,help!
Excuse my vocable but "I dont Ship money,so I cant buy another pc" ...
Ok,you can lock this.
I've burned my graphic card.I'm [censored].
(07-15-2009, 11:39 AM)AndruiN Wrote: Ok,you can lock this.
I've burned my graphic card.I'm [censored].

Oh Dear , Sorry To Hear That

Locked Big Grin
www find

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