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Acer Aspire L100 (AcerPower 1000) R03-B0

Could somebody please help with following Bios:

Model: Acer Aspire L100 (AcerPower 1000)
Board ID: FC51PVG

Here's the link http://

Thanks very much in advance. Smile

Halt On
Hyper Transport Options
RAM Overclocking
CPU Spread Spectrum
PCI-E Spread Spectrum
SATA Spread Spectrum
HT Spread Spectrum

And Lots More!

Flash at your own risk!

Hate to bump such an old post buuuuut,

I flashed my Aspire L100 with this mod without any probs (once i realized the next morning that what I was doing wrong was not running Winflash as admin..doh...) but I noticed a couple of things. #1 I would have sworn my memory was pc6400 and I set the new unlocked feature accordingly to 800 but i was running only 667 speeds. I shortly discovered that I indeed only have 4gb of pc-5300, so lucky me there I guess. My biggest question is though, that if there are no cpu microcode updates to the bioses,wether stock or modded, that won't effect anything other than name appearance at boot will it? I'm running a 5050e (athlon 2.6 x2 45watt tdp) on this board now, but neither it nor the 4050e before or the 2650e would show model name in bios. I could not get winflash to update to the latest oem bios update dated '08 for some reason.
You shouldnt be flashing from windows , make a bootable dos cd/usb/usb and flash using DOS - much more reliable and safer!

No , we didnt touch cpu microcode in this update , although ive updated the mod with new cpu microcodes

Try at your own risk!


another bump ;-)

I have just flashed the modified bios on an L100 and it is Ok, many options unlocked, ubuntu precise pangolin running ok.
For reader, you can go.

But I write for another thing about this L100 !

The L100 is a very compact box with little aeration. I become hot (very hot) rapidly.
I suspect a problem in the bios/sensor feedback loop.

In bios fan managed mode
The system fan spins at

2400rpm at start (20°)
2900rpm (35°)
2934rpm (40°)
2947rpm (50°)
2960rpm (55°)
2973rpm (60°)

(mobo sensors are ok, rpm, temp, for system&cpu)
From time to time it goes to ~4500

The settings in Health page are all grayed, particulary the settings
for cpu the fan control

(locked)PWM start CPU Temp (°C) = 2
(locked)Start PWM Value (0-127) = 78

Plugging the fan on the cpu or system connector change nothing
in regulation process.

It is possible to correct the curve loopback function
like that ?
20° => 3000rpm
60° => 6000rpm


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