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Acer H57H-AM2 V1.0 unlock and module upgrade

I provided mod bios for H57H-AM2 V1.0.
Here is download link:!GxIXUBoI!kxaJVjVnkX...pHbRHKqLgM
Execute mod.bat to flash mod.bios.
Execute  a03.bat to recover original bios.
Please running bat file as administrator by right click.

I forgot a bat file "backup.bat",download it and  put it on the same folder.!WhxklAra!lI2jwughLb...Y-LIJWP5o8
It can backup your bios to a bk.rom file.
If you want to recover your original bios,you just to name it to original.rom and replace original.rom on the 32 folder and running a03.bat.

Here is confirm page.

Before you flash mod bios,please backup your bios at first!!!
Hi, i have Acer H57H-AM2 V2.0 does it work in that too or could brick it ? Bios version i have atm is p01-a3 which is same than yours but it has different date 05-17-2010 in your picture
Hello genius239
I flashed your bios as a mistake on the 2.0 version board. It works but not ideel.
Is there anyway you could modify the v 2.0 bios aswel so I can repair it?
My bios had the same name (p01-A3)

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