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Activate AHCI for SSD
Manufacturer: HP
Motherboard Model: HP 181B
Bios revision: F.2E Rev. A (07.09.2016)
Bios type: Insyde
Bios download link:

Hi everyone,

I received a HP ENVY DV6-7280ez, everything is good except the HDD turning at only 5400 rpm ... so I bought a caddy + ssd to replace the unuseful DVD player by a brand new SSD, so I could install windows on it.
It is still in shipment, but I discovered after that AHCI should be enable through the BIOS ... unfortunately, this option is not available, even if my bios version isn't so old. I check with Samsung Magician : TRIM is enabled, but not AHCI (in devices management the same).
So I downloaded the modified version made by Sml6397 ( but I didn't understand what I am supposed to do with the wph file ?
I tried to but it alone on a usb stick, I tried with the crisdisk => when I push win+B upon startup, I just this the caps lock blinking, but nothing on the screen, and the usb stick is not flashing ...
I tried the Andy's tool, but don't understand what I an supposed to do with it to find the correct bios name ?

Please, can somebody help me ? I am not a noob, this is just my first time flashing a boot, and after many days and hundreds pages of searches, I can't find a solution ... I think the wph file will help me, but I need to know how to flash with it.

Thank you so much !

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