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Asus F3Ka - AHCI BIOS mod

is it possible to add the AHCI/SATA options to the latest Asus F3Ka BIOS (version 212 from Nov. 2008)? My notebook only detects the S-ATA 3Gbit/s as a UDMA-6 IDE drive...

I have the F3Ka-AP036C if this is important.

No i dont possess the skills to ADD options that arent there in the first place , and especially not with AMI.


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So, this BIOS does not even have any hidden options (that don't need to be added, but only be made visible)?
That's very strange, why should Asus build a Notebook with S-ATA 3Gbit support and a S-ATA 3gbit HDD, but then only allow IDE in BIOS?
Im sorry but theres no options to unlock either Sad

Yes , it is strange like you say , not sure why they would do that!

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