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Asus P5B-VM SE
This board has absolutely no option for AHCI in the BIOS, confirmed by examining with AMIBCP 3.46. MMTool shows no OROM either.

This one is a challenge. Board is ICH8 so it definitely supports AHCI, and I'm pretty sure all other varieties of P5B do as well.

If anyone is up to the challenge, here's a link to the BIOS:

If you need me to run something on the board, just ask. Thanks.

I'm on a fairly older model of motherboard, I believe the P5B-VM SE came out around 2007, but with quite the highest end CPU, RAM, and graphics on it I'm unlikely to change it anytime soon as it's good to go another 5 years. I have an SSD on the system too, and it is not getting max performance(score 7.0) due to lack of AHCI support in the BIOS. The option doesn't exist. I've noted however that it uses an ICH8 chipset so it may be possible to put AHCI on it with the right BIOS mod.

Motherboard link:

Latest BIOS link:

If it is possible to guide me through the process of doing so, I am tech savvy enough to use editing tools or such in order to do it.

Thank you.
Unfortunally desktop Intel chipsets ICH9 and less are not supporting AHCI mode.Only ICH10 and some ICH9 supports it (P35 chipset).
I not found the switching option for AHCI, so your mb doesn't support AHCI.
Good Luck!

Please,do not post requests me in PM.Bios modding is very dangerous work.If i provide you confirmed modded bios, please donate for my dangerous work you!
Hi, needed mod bios with ahci work on p5b vm-se with xeon support
in attach bios with xeon support, ty!

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.rom   P5B-VM-ASUS-SE-1101.ROM (Size: 1 MB / Downloads: 8)

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