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Asus Strix G512LV Bios Unlock
hello genius239...

it didn't worked for me. Check the picture.

Under grub, everything was fine. Only in windows it didn't worked.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

Follow my instruction ,100% can re-flash the mod. My previous g512lv mod is for @Kay123 , he was able to flashed mod no any problems and got menus unlocked. The only one possible problem is something wrong with change variables under Grub. Please send grub operation screenshots to my private message.

My page>>>click
My bios unlock >>> click
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finely the BIOS update worked ( it was my fault that it didn't work at the first attempt)

I attach a link to a video on my youtube channel of this massive advanced menu.

Thank you again genius239 for your time and effort to make this massive advanced menu visible and functional!

I made a donation to you.

It's ok!
I'm glad to hear you can did all steps and unlocked the menus successfully. Unlock bios menus is only one i can do for you ,i'm not a laptops user ,so i think i can't provide more useful suggestions regard of bios setup.

My page>>>click
My bios unlock >>> click
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i sent you a PM to request a modded bios for a g512lv, could you help me? thanks in advance.
i have the same model of laptop, and i would like to have also the moded bios to be able to activate the xmp and run the rams in 3200mhz

Do you think we can unlock a Asus Rog Strix G17 (G713QM) bios?

Why not? But the premise is you have to own a spi programmer to read/write data from bios chip for bios modify in a AMD platform. Make sure the bios chip model name on your laptop ,then purchase a programmer that confirm can support your bios chip is necessary.

I found a laugh thing that many people like to bought a cheap programmer then found it can't read data correctly then they always thought it's issue of sop clip then waste time and money to buy another braid sop clip again. Then they found it can't support low voltage(1.8v) chip again ,so they need buy a transform board again, But the last result is still got a failure and nothing got. And they waste much time. Therefore ,make sure programmer is 100% support for your machinh's bios chip is necessary.

Wait till you own a spi programmer and you can also read/write data from bios chip correctly. The you can ask me again.
(Modifying bios for a Asus ryzen laptop is harder than normal intel platform modification ,it may spend more time with hex edit).


My page>>>click
My bios unlock >>> click
donate me >>>click

Thanks for your Answer bro! @genius239

I Already has the spi program + 1.8v adapter and used it to recovery 2 times my old predator from bricked bios ahahah!

I recovered my RTX2060 Bios using the 1.8v adapter, everything was oks using my kit, tks for advise me about all those crap adapters...

The complicated part is that the BIOS chip is bellow the heatpipe and i don't want to remove it now, the laptop is too new.  I read some post from you and other members in this forum and I think my bios is a W74M12JW and i read too that this chip has some kind of protection (as you told).

One more thing i need ask you is the program to DUMP this BIOS, unfortunelly i acidentally formated my HD and lost the program (i think is a Asprogramer  it's name), dou you know where I can download it?
Sorry ,i haven't used ch341. But search keyword Asprogrammer by google ,you could find many items to download.

I saw some programmer can support W74M12JW. Click here

My page>>>click
My bios unlock >>> click
donate me >>>click


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